BT763 O9 1677

154 The V f e of Faith in yutification ; unto Juftification, which juf ifying Faith cannot be, unlefs a man may be a true Believer with Juftifying Faith, and yet not be' ju.flified. Some do plead that Faith is the Condition of our J'uftifica- tion,. and that otherwifè it is not to be conceived of. As I faid before, fo I fay again, I Ihall not contend with any man about Words, Terms, or Exprefions, fo long as what is in- tended by them, is agreed upon. And there is an obvious fenfe wherein Faith may be called the Condition of our jufii- fication. For no more may be intended thereby, but that it is the Duty on our part which God requireth, that we may be juftified. And this the whole Scripture beareth witnefs unto. Yet this hindereth not, but that as unto its Z1 fe, it may be the Infirument whereby we apprehend or receive Chrift and his Righteoufnefs. But to aflèrt it the Condition of our Juftification, or that we are juftified by it as the Con- dition of the New Covenant, fo as from a pre - conceived fig- nification of that word, to give it another ufe in Jufiifi'cation exclufive of that pleaded for, as, the In{trumental Caufe thereof, is not eafily to be admitted becaufe it Tfùppofeth an Alteration in the fubftance of the Doctrine it fell. The Word is nowhere ufed in the Scripture in this matter; which I argue no farther, but that we have no certain Rule or Standard:to try and meafure its (?gnijkation by Where - fore it cannot firjt be introduced in what fenfe men pleafe, and then that fenfe turned into Argument for other Ends. For thus on a fùppofed conceffion, that it is the Condition of our Juftification, fame heighten it into- a fubordinate Righte oufieJ,. imputed unto us, antecedently as I fùpp9Ce, untothe Imputation of the Righteoufnefs of Chrift in any fenfe, whereof it is the Condition. And fòme who pretend toleffen.. its effic Qncy or-dignity in: the ufe of it in our Juftification fay, it is only cau ff:lne qua non, which leaves us at as great an un- c,?xtainty, as; to: the nature and efficacy of this Condition as