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i 68 The V fo of Faith in yuflilcdtiolï Operations and Effe &s. But yet Saving Faith doth a& in a peculiar manner, and is of peculiar ufe in Juftification, fuch as it is not of under any other Confideration whatever. Wherefore ( 2 ) Although Saving Faith as it is defcribed in General, do ever include Obedience, not as its Form or Eífence, but as the neceffary EifeCt is included in the caul, and the Fruit in the Fruit - bearing juyce, and is often mentioned as to its Being and Exercife, where there is no exprefs mention of Chrift, his Blood, and his Righteoufnefs , but is applied unto all the Ads, Duties, and Ends of the Gofpel; yet this proves not at all, but that as unto its Duty, Place, and a&ing in our juflifisation, it hath a peculiar Obje &. If it could be proved, that where Juftification is afcribed unto Faith, that there it hath any other Obje& affigned unto it, as that which it retied in for the pardon of Sin and Acceptance with God, this Obje &ion were of force force. But this can- not be done. (3 ) This is not to fay, that we are juftified by 4 part of Faith, and not by it as confidered effentially ; for we are juftified by the entire Grace of Faith, acting in fuch a peculiarway and manner ; as others have obferved. But the Truth is, we need not infift on the Difcufhion of this Enquiry. For the true meaning of it is, not whether any thing of Chrift is to be excluded from being the Obje& of JufEfying Faith, or of Faith in our Juftification, but what in and of our felves under the name of receiving Chri ft , as our Lord and King is to be admitted unto an Efficiency or Conditionality in that work. As it is granted, that juftify- ing Faith is the receiving of Chrifi, fo whatever belongs unto the Perron of Chrift, or any Office of his, or any A &s in the difcharge of any Office, that may be reduced unto any caufe of our Juftification, the meritorious , procuring , material , formal, or manifefting caufe of it, is fo far as it doth fo, free- ly admitted to belong unto the Obje& of Juftifying Faith. Neither will I contend with any upon this difadvantageous Rating