BT763 O9 1677

C °HAP. X X.: Seeming Diffirence, no real contradWion between the Apof ld Paul and James, concerning yufification. This granted by all Reafons of the feeming Diference. The bell Rule of the Inter- ._ pretation of places of Scripture, wherein there is an appearing repugnancy. The Doelrine of Jufification according unto that Rule principally to be learned from the Writings of Paul. The Reafons- of his fakes' and accuracy . in the teaching of that Dollrne, The Importance of the Truth 3 the oppoftion made unto it; and abut of it. The deignof the Apofile James. Ex. ceptions of force. againit the Writings of S. Paul, fcandaloNs and unreafonable. Not in. this matter to be interpreted by the page in James inff ed on, Chap. 2. That there is no repugnancy between the Dolrine of the two Apostles demon.flrated. ' Heads and Grounds of the Demonf ration. Their fi ope deign, and end not thefame. That of Paul the only cafe fated and deter- mined by him. The deigns of the Apef le James ; the cafe pro- poled by him quite of another nature. The occalion of the cafe, propofed and fiated by him. No appearance of difference .between the Apo_ f les, becaufe;of the fiveral cafes they fieakunto. Not the fame Faith intended by them. Defsription of the Faith fioken of by the one, and the other. Bellarmines Arguments to prove true ejuf i fying Faith to be intended by James,'anfzrered. yu, bfiëation not treated of by the Ap-of les in the fame manner , nor tiled in thefaute fente, nor to the fame end. The one treats of Jufifi- cation, as unto its nature and caufes ; the other as unto its 1/gns and evidence, proved by the inf ances inif ed on, Pag. 557. 1-14 .-the Scripture- was fulfilled _that Abraham -believed in. God, and it;; as counted .unto him for Righteoufne f; when be offere4 his Sen, on,theAltar Wok the fame, and of the fame kjnd..