BT763 O9 1677

4 General l Confideration r ,previouf iy nece fary tion of our Perfons as righteous ; or the making of us Righ- teous in the fight of God. Neither are thefe things capable of mixture Or compofition, Rom.-n. 6. Which of thefe it is the Duty, Wifdome and fafety of a convinced firmer to rely upon and truft unto in his Appearance before God, is the fum of our prefent Enquiry. 4. The way whereby (inners do or ought to betake them- felves unto this Relief, on fuppofition that it is the Righteouf- vefs of Chrift, and how they come to be partakers of, or inte- refted in that which is not inherently their own, unto as good Benefit and as much Advantage as if it were their own, is of a diflin& confederation. And as this alto is clearly deter- mined in the Scripture, fo it is acknowledged in the Expe- rience of all them that do truly, believe. Neither are we in thismatter much to regard the fënfès or arguings of men, who were never throughly convinced of fin, nor have 'ever in their own perfons fled för Refuge unto theHope fit be for e them. 5. Thefe things I fay are always to be attended unto, in our whole Difquifition into the nature of Evangelical yiufli- Jî ation ; For without a confiant refpeft unto them, we (hall quickly wander into curious and perplexed Queftions,where- in the Confciences of guilty Sinners are not concerned ; and which therefore really belong not unto the fubfiance or truth of this Doctrine , nor are to be immixed therewith. It is alone the. Relief of thofè who are in themfelves oEW, guilty before, or obnoxious and liable to the Judgment of God, that we enquire after. That this is not any thing in or of themfelves, nor can fo be ; that it is a Provifion with- out them, made in infinite Wifdomx and Grace by the media- tion of Chrift, his Obedience and Death therein,, is fecured in the Scripture againft all contradiction :. And it is the fun- damental. Principle of the Gofpel, Math. II. 28. 6. It is confef ed that many things for the Declaration of 1, e Truth and the oxder of the Difpenfation of Gods Grace here- -11