BT763 O9 1677

26 General Ccn!Uerations previoufy neceffary fed unto by the Law in its, Primitive conftitution, by the natural Light of Conscience, and the apprehenfion of the nature of- things by Reafon, the Apoftle declares, that in the Gofpel there is revealed another Righteoufnefs; which is alto the Righteoufnefs of another, the Righteouf eJ? of God, and that from Faith to Faith. For not only is the Righteoufnefs it Pelf revealed aliene from thofe other Principles, but alto the manner of our Participation of it, or its Communica- tion unto us from Faith to Faith, ( the Faith of God in the Revelation, and our Faith in the Acceptation of it, being only here concerned ) is an eminent Revelation.- Righte- òufnefs of all things should rather feem to be from Works into Works, from the Work of Grace in us, to the Works of Obedience done by us, as the Papifts affirm. No faith the Apoftle, it is from Faith to Faith, whereof afterwards. This is the general Thetis the Apoftle propofeth unto Con - firmation, and he fèems therein to exclude from Jultification every thing but the Righteoufnefs of God and the Faith of Believers. And to this purpofe he confiders all Perfons that did or might pretend unto Righteoufnefs or feek after it, and all ways and means whereby they hoped to attain unto it, or whereby it might moll probably be obtained, declaring the failing of all perfons, and the infufñciency of all means . as unto them, for the obtaining a Righteoufnefs of our own before God. -And as unto Perfons, 1. He confiders the Gentiles with all their notions of God, their Pra&ice in Religious Worfhip, with their Converfation, thereon. And from the whole of what might be obferved amongft them, he concludes that they neither were,, nor could be jnyified bef re God, but that they were all, and that molt defervedly, obnoxious unto the fentence of Death. And whatever men may difeoúrfe concerning the Juftification and Salvation of any, without the Revelation of the Righte- oufnefs of God by the Gofpel from Faith to Faith, it is ex- prefly