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to the Explanations of the Doí`.rine, &c. 29 How contrary their Scheme of Divinity is unto this Defign of the Apoftle, and his management of it, who affirm that before the Law men were juftlf ed by Obedience unto the Light of Nature, and fóm =e particular Revelations made un- to them in things of their own efpecial private concernment ; and that after the giving of the Law they were 'f© by Obedi- ence unto God according to the Directions thereof; as alto that the Heathen might obtain the fame benefit in compli- ance with the Di&ates of Reafon, cannot be contradicted by any who have not a mind to be contentious. Anfwerable unto this Declaration of the mind of the Holy Ghoft herein by the Apofile, is the confiant Tenour of the Scripture (peaking to the fame purpofe. The Grace of God, the Promife of Mercy, the fee pardon of Sin, the Blood of Chrii,his Obedience and the Righteoufnef ofGod in him,refted in and received by Faith, are every where afferted as the caufes and means of our Juflification, in oppofition unto any thing in our (elves fò exprefl`ed as it ufeth to express the beft of our Obedience and the utmofi of our perfonal Righteouf- nefs. Wherever mention is made of the Duties, Obedience, and perfonal Righteoufnefs of the beft of men with refpea unto their Juftification, they are all renounced by:them, and they betake themfelves unto Soveraign Grace and Mercy alone. Some places to this purpofe may be recounted. The Foundation of the whole is laid in the firft Promise wherein the Deftrufion of the Work of the Devil by the fuffering of the feed of the woman, is propofed as the only Relief for finners, and only means of the Recovery of the favour of God. It (hall bruife thy Lead, and thou (halt bruit his heel, Gen. 3. 15. Abraham believed in the Lord, and he counted it unto him for Rig hteoufne f , Gen. 15. 6. And Aaron fhall,lay b;,th his hands on the Head of the live Goat, and con - fe f over him all the iniquities of the Children of Israel, and all their Trimfgrellions in all their fns, ,putting theta on the head of