BT763 O9 1677

6 General Conf derations previoufly neceffary homine, divina bonitas nos in beatam pacem cunt novo .Adam recipiat. God was in Chris faith the Apofile, reconciling the world unto hirnfel f; not imputing unto men their fns. In him .therefore we are jufiified befóre God, not in our Elves, not by our own, but by his Righteoufnefs; which is imputed unto us now communicating with him. Wanting Righteoufnefs o our own, we are taught to feel¿, for Righteoufnefs without our in him. So he faith, him who knew not (in, he made to be fin for us, that is, an expiatory Sacrifice for fin, that we might be made the Righ- teoufnefs' of God in him 5 we are made Righteous in Christi not with our own but with theRighteoufnefof God. By avhat Right? the Right of friendfhip, which makes all common among fiends, according unto the ancient celebrated proverb. Being ingrafted into Christi, faflened, united unto him, he makes his things ours, communicates his Riches unto us, interpofeth his Righteoufnefs' between the judgment of God and our unrighteoufnef, and under that as under a fbield and buckler, he hides us from that divine wrath which we have deferved ; he defends and protetís us therewith, yea he communicates it unto us and makes it ours, fo as that being covered and adorned therewith, we may boldly and f curely place our fives before the divine Tribunal and Judg- went, fa as not only to appear Righteous, but fo to be. For even as the Apofile affirmeth that by one mans fault we were all made fnners, fo is the Righteoufnef of Christi alone, efficacious in the Jufiification of us all .5 and as by the dif bedience of one man .many were made (.inners, fo by the Obedience of one man ( faith =he) many are made Righteous. This is the Righ. teoufnef of Christi, even his Obedience, whereby in all things he fulfilled the Will of his Father. As on the other hand our unrighteoufnefs, is our dif bedience, and our transgreon of the Commands of God. But that our Righteoufnef is placed in the Obedience of Chr, it is f om hence, that we being incorporated into him, it is accounted unto us as if it were ours ; fo as that therewith we are efieemed Righteous. And as Jacob of old, whereas he was not