BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the Doeirine, &c. 67 2. That the neceffiry Relation of thefe things one unto the other, namely of Jufiification by the Imputation of the Righteoufnefs of Chrifl, and the neceffity of our Perfonal Obedience, will not be clearly underflood nor duely im- proved, but by and in the exercife'of the Wifdom of Faith. This we grant alto; and let who will make what advantage they can of this concefhion. True Faith hath that #iritual Light in it or accompanying of it, as that it is able to re- ceive it, and to condu& the Soul unto Obedience by it. Wherefore referving the particular confideration hereof un- to its proper place, I fay in general. i. That this Relation is evident unto that f jiiritual Wi fdoîn whereby we are enabled doetrinally and pra &ically to com- prehend the Harmony of the myftery of God, and the con- fiftency of all the parts of it one with another. 2. That it is made evident by the Scripture, wherein both there things, Juftification through the Imputation of the Righteoufnefs of Chrift, and the Neceffity of our Perfonal Obedience are plainly afferted and declared. And we defie that Rule of the Socinians, that Peeing there things are incon- fiflent in their apprehenfion or unto their Reafon, therefore we muff fay that one of them is not taught in the Scripture; For whatever it may appear unto their Reafon, it doth not fo to ours ; and we have at leaft as Good Reafon to truft unto our own Reafon, as unto 'theirs. Yet we abfolutely acquiefce in neither, but in the Authority of God in the Scripture ; rejoycing only in this, that we can Pet our feat unto his Revelations by our own Experience. For 3. It is fully evident in the gracious condu& which the minds of them that believe are under, even that of the Spirit of Truth and Grace, and the. Inclinations of that new Princi- ple of the Divine Life whereby they are a&ed. For although from the Remainders of Sin and Darknefs that are in them, Temptations may arife unto a continuation in fin becaz f Grace K 2 kath