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Yf0 Meditations and Dijco11rjeJ -THERE i; ane ,(Jorl, fai~h th~ Apofi:le, and on~ Mediator b~t'l!J~en God and man, the man Chrift Je~ Jus, 1 Tim. f.· '5. lp. that g'reat difference between God andMan oq:afioned by our Sin andApoftacy from <him, :which ,of i,t !elf .could iffue in nothing put rh,e utter n~in of the whole race of mankind, there was non;e in H,eaven or Earth in their Origipal Nature and Oper<}.tio,ns, who was me~t or a~ ble to make ~1 p a 'RighteouJ PeC&ce b~tween them. :Yet muft this be ,d.on.e by a. }r:lediator, or ~eafe for J;ver. . " TBI~ JM:e,qiator ~ould not be G,od himfelf abfo- ~utely confiqerefl; for a Mediator is ·not of one, put God iJ" one; Gal. g. 20. \iVhatevtr God might pp her.eir ip a way pf Sover.eign Grac~, yet he ~ould not do it in the way of Mediation, whi~Q. ¥et w~s nec,effary unt,o his own Glory, as ws: f:lave at large di(<;ourfed !=lfewhere. A~D ~s for Creatures, there was none in Hea-:- ven or Earth that was meet to undertake this Of": ftce. . For' if one mab_jin againft f111~ther,..,the Judg j1Jallfudg herein ; brtt if a man fin ag{linft the LQrd~ who fhall entrea,t for hf!'Z? ~ Sam. 2. 2). There is not P.?fJ dqys-r(lan b~t:;pfXt U! t(J lay hfs hand up{;n us botht ]Ob9·33· l~ this ftat~ of Things the Lord. Chrift as the ~0fl of Goq fJiq, Lo I cvrne to do thy wflt OGod; facrifice and burnt ojferi11gs thou would(f not, but a bo- 'fly haft tpou prepared m~, f1r"d Lo I come. t() do rhy will, He b. l o. ; , 6, 7, S, 9· By the Affumption of out:" NaqJf~ into ~mion with himfelf, in ~is own Divine r~rfon he be.CfiiDe every way meet for the difl ~qaf~e pf th~s office,ang ungeft§l.k~s ~t-accordingy. , ' •.. " . T_. HAT t