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J 02 Medi.tations atJd .Bifcourfu h: for my felf, and therefore will difcharge it. Fo 'f h•i11 \vho was Lard of all univerfally, thus .t i (ubm:. hirpfelf to Univerfal Obedience, carr en along with it an Evidence ,of Glorious Qruce. · 2.. THIS Obedience as unto the u{e and end of Jt, was not for himfelf, butfor us~ We were obJ1g u unto it and could not perform it; he was J'l.ot obliged unto it any othe.rwife but by a free act o'fhi,s own will, and did perform it. God gave hin~ d~is Honour, that be lhould obey for th~ who1~ C~"urch, that by his obedience we Jhould be rn11de · righ{eom, · Rom. 5· I 9· Herein l fay did God gi_ve him Hon·our ·and Glory , that his 0bed,enc~ Ihonld fiahd in the fiead of the perfect:Obedience of th€ Church as · unto Juftificati6n. , . , . . . ... . . . 3. HIS Obedience being abfolutely univerfal, ~nd abfolutely perfeCl,was the great Reprefentative 1 of the Hol.1I'lds of God 'in the•taw. · lt was repre- {ented Glorious when the Ten Words were written J:>y rhe Finger of God in Tables of St6ne: It ap~ pe;1rs yet f}lore eminently in the Spiritual Tranrcriprion of if in the'.Hearts of Believers : But ab- ~oiwe : y and perfeClly it is exemplified only in the Holinefs ' ~nd Obedienc€ of Chrift, which anfwcr~d it unto the urmoft: And this is no fmall parttif his Glory :in Obedience',that the Holinefs of God in the Law was therein,· and therein alone in ~ha t qm? h1ftance~ as 'unto •humane NatUre, fully ~,epreremecl. .. , · · · · · · · · · : ~ 4· HE wrought out this Obedience againft all · Difficulties /md OppofitiorJS. ·for altho he was abfolN'tely free from that diforder- whi~h irr l}S bath .... ~ .. ~· _.- · • ,. - , : 1n