Owen - BT200 O97 1684

Preface to the Reader. '2.. IN' him the Relation of our nature UntO God t is etemal!y {ecured, We 'JJJere crea~ ted 'in a Covenant Relation unto God. Our Nature 'JJJa.r related unto him in a way of Friendfoip, of 'Likenefs, and Complacency. But the Bend of this Relation and Union WtU quickly broken by our Apoftafy f rom him. Hereon our whole Nature became to be at the utmoft Mo.. ral diftance from God, and Enmity againft him, which io the depth of lviifery. But God in Infinite Wifdom and Grace did dejign once more to :recover it, and take it aga-in near unto himfelj: And he would do it in {uch a ·way, as J!!ou!tl render it utterly impoj]ible that there jhould ever be a Separation between him and it any more. Heaven a11Jd _Earth ma_y pa[s mvay, but there .fha{l never b·e a· Dij]'olution of the Union between God and our Nature any more. He did it therefore, by affuming it into a fuqttantial Union with himfelf~ . 'in the Perfon of the Son. Hereby the fiilnefs of the Godhead dwelt in it Bodily, or Subftantially ,; .. ana Eternally. Hereby is its Relatio1't unto Go~~ ' et'ernally fecu:.. red. And among .'1!! the My[fe'riot-11 Excellencies which relate hereunto , there are two which continually prefent themfelrues unto our conjidera- · t icn. ·. I. THAT this Nature of ours, is capable of this glorious Exaltation and Subfiftence in God. No Creature G{)f.l.ta conceive how Om-nipotent TFifdcm, Pclu/er Mtd Goodnifs, could aL'1u~ flte