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; I I ,'J:o3 Meditations and DifcourfeJ C Id A P. VI I. The Glory of C hrifl in his E'xaltation, after the Acconzplifhnzent of the work_ of Mediation in this world. W E may in the next place behold the Glory of Chrift with refpett unto his Office in the A[l;ings of God towards him, which enfued on his Difcharge of it in this world, · ~n his own Exaltation. THESE are the Two Heads, whereunto all . the Prophefies and Predictions concerning ]efus ,Chrift under the Old Teftament are referred, namely, his Sufj'erings, and the Glory that enfued ·thereon, I Pet. I. I 1. All the Prophets teftified before hand of the fujj'erings ! of Chrijf, aJ'Jd the Glory thatJhould follow. · So when he himfelf opened the Scriptures unto his Difciples, he gave them this as the Sum of the Doctrine contained in them ; Ought nvt Chrift to have fujf'ered thefe things, and to enter into his Glor_y? Luk. 24. 26, The fame is frequeritlyexpreffed elfewhere, Rom. 14. 9 Phi!. :2,. ;, 6, 7' 8. SO much as 'UJeknow of Cbrift, bisSufferingsand his Glory; fo mueh do we underftand of the Scripture, and no more• •j THESE