Owen - BT200 O97 1684

Preface· to the Reader. ~· . IT is he, in whom our Nature hath heen car; Tietl ,ju~~esfu/ly, and rviEtoriortjly, through all the "Oppofitions that it is liable unto , and even Dead) -it relf: But the Glory hereof ~ foall [peak unto ·JlftinBlj in its proper. place, which follows, ami therefore .fhalt here Rafs it iJy. ·. 4· HE it' is, wf;o in himfelf hath given tts tJ Pledge of the capacity of our Nature to inha- 'bit thofe bleffed Reg.ions of Light , which arc far above thefe aJPeRable Heavens. Here we ·<iwelt in Tabernacles of Clay, that are crufh~ '(d before the Moth; fuch as cannot be raifed, fo as to abide one foot breadth abp<t'e the Earth we tread upon. The heavenly Luminaries which 'We can beho.ld, appear . too great and glorious for Otlr Cohabitation. We · are as Grajhoppers in .Dur own eyes , in 'comparifon of thofe Gigantick Beings; and they feem to dwelt in places, which would immediately [wallow up , and e>.·tinguifh Dur Natures. How then .fhall we entertain an :Apprehenfion of be~ng carried artd exalted above them all ? to have an everlafting fubfiftence in places incomprehenjibly more glorious than the Orbs 'JJJherein they refide ? . !/?hat capacity is there in our Nature of fuch , arJ HabitatiorJ ? But hereof the Lord Chrift hath given tt:r a Pledg in him- {elf. Our Nature in him, is .Pdffed through theft AfpeEhtble Hea<t1ens, and is cxaTted far above them. Its eterrtal Habitatio·tt u in the blejfed Regions of f.-ight and Glcry; and· he. bath promifed that where ·he is, there 1ve']1Uitl he, and that for ever. OTHER