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128 MeditationJ m1d Difco1~rfts CHAP. I x~ Tht1 Glory of Chrifl in his intinzatC! Conjunction with the Church. W. H AT concerns the Giory of Chrift ir1 . the M~[fion •of the Holy Ghoft unto the Church, with all the Divine truths that are branch· ed from it, I have at large declar~d in my Dif· courfe concen1ing the whole dtfpenfaiion ofthe Holy spirit. Here therefore it muft have no place amongft thofe many other things which offer themfelves unto our contemplation, as part of this Glory, or intimately belonging thereunto. I fhall infift briefly on Three only, which cannot be redu· ced directly tinto the former heads. - AND the firft of thefe is, That intimate Con- . JunClion that is bet1.veen Chrift and the Ch~rch; whenc~ it is juft and equal in the fight of God, according unto the Rules of his Eternal Righteoufnefs, that what he did, and fuffered in the Oilcharge of his Office, lhould be efteemed, reckoned; and imputed unto us, as unto all the fruits 'and benefits of it, as if we had done and. filffered the fame things our felves. For this conjuntlion of his- with us, was an act of his oWri Mind arrd . Will, wherein he is ineffably glorious. . T H E Ener(ties of th~ glory of Chrift and of his Crofs, do take this for granted, That there Ot~ght