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Preface to the Reader~ are other things wherein we have an ~!Jured Intere;i~ that are incomparably better than tbe_y,an,i abov~ then:; ~t ir impoj]ibfe but ,t~a~ we muft Jpend our ltves m Fears, Sorrows, and DifFraflions. One 'i- ;al view of the Glory of Chrift, and of.our 'c·um concernment therein, will give us a full relief in this matter. For what are' atl the things of this LZfo, what~· th~ good or evil of then:, in comparifcn .cf an Intereft in this tranfcenclent Glory? U1:JerJ we have due Ape prehenjions hereof, when our minds are pojj'ejjed with , thoughts of it, when our .Affetlions reach out after its en.foyments, let PairJ, and Sickne{s, and Sorrows, and Fears, and Dangers, and Death, fay what they will, we ]hall -have in readinefs u•herewith io Com . bate with them, ·and overcome them; and that on this Conjideration, that they are alt outward, tran~ jitory, and pajjlng a~ay; whereas our minds are fixed on thofe things which are etemal;and filled with irJcomprehenjible Glory. 2. THE minds if_ men are apt by their Troubles to be caft into Diforder, . to be tojjed up and donm; ana difquieted 'vith various Afj'eElions and Paj]ions. So 'the Pfal.mift found it in bimjelf; in the time of his Diftrefs; whe_nc~ he · calls himfelf unto that ac~ count: Why a~~ thou caft down, 0 .my Soul ? arid why·an thou difquieted in me? :A.rJd indeed the mina on all fuch Occajions, u its own greateft Troubler. It is apt to let loofe its Pajjions of ·Fear anfl Sorrow , which· atf themfelves in innumerable. perplexing fh.oughts; until it is carried utterly out of its own Power. But in this ftate a due Contemplation of the Glory 'of. Chrift,. will reftore and com.;. a po{e