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3I this all is in Darknefs as · tmto the true Nature and ft1preme Operation of this Divine Love. HEREIN do we behold the Glory of Chrift himfelf, even in this life. This Glory was given him of the Father : Nc:u11ely, That he now fhould declare and evidence that God is Lo'Ve ; and he did fo, that in all ,things he might ha'Ve the prehe- - minence. . Herein we may fee how Excellent, how Beautiful, howGlorious and Defirable he is, feeing in him alone we have a due reprefentation of God as he is Lo'Ve, which is the moit joyful fight ofGod that any creature can obtain. He who beholds not the Glory ofChrift herein, is utterly ignorant of thofe Heavenly Myfieries; he knoweth neither God nor Chrift ; he bath neither the Father nor the Son. He knows not God, becaufe he knows not the.Holy Properties ofhis Nature in the Princiral way defigned by Infinite Wifdom for ,their . manifeftation; be knows not Chrift, becaufe he fees not the Glory of God in him. Wherefore whatevet: Notions men may have from the Light of Nature , or from the works of Providence, that there is Lo'Ve in God however they may adorn them in Elegant affecting Expreffions : Yetfrom them no man can know that God i.s Lorue., Jn the Revelation hereof Chrift bath the Preeminence; nor can any man comprehend any thing , of it aright but in him. Ir: is ithat which · the whole Light of the Creation cannot difcover ; for it is the Spring and Center of the Myftery of Godlinefs. THESE things are of the deep things of Gad,fuch as belong unto tbat !f1ifrlom of Gvd in a .MJ:flery ~ whi<;h they that are carnal cannot receive, as the Apofrle