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34 LET us therefore, as tnany as are [piritual,be thus mindtd. Let us make ufe of this Privile~r, wirh re;oycing, and be found in the difcharge of this D:J:y \Vith diligeric~ : For thus to behold the glcr_y ~f Cbri/l- , is both our priviledg and our duty. The duties of the Law were a burrhen and a yoke ; btlt thole of the Gofpel are Priviledges and Advan rages. IT is a Promile concerning the days oftheNeW· Teftament , that our eyes fhall {ee the King in his beauty, Ifa. 33· 17. vVe fhall behold the Glory of Chrift in its Lufi:re and Excellency: What is this Beau.ty of the King of Saints? Is it not, that God is in him, and he is the great,reprefentative of his Clcry unto us? Wherefore in the contemplation of this Glory confifts the principal exercife of Faith: And who can declare the Glory of this priviledg, That1 we who are born in Darknefs, \ and deferved ro be caft ont into utter Darknefs, fhonld be trcmjlated int(J this marvellous Light of the kr'JoJ-vlerlg cf the Glory of God in the Face of Jeflts Chrifl. WHAT are all the ft·ained Glories, the fading Peauties of this world ? Of all that the Devil fhewed our SJvJour from the ~Aounr? What are they in comparifon of one View of the Glory of God reprefemed in Chrift; and of the Glory of Chrift as his great Reprefentarive ? THE moft pernicious effect of Unbelief under the preaching of the Gofpel is, that together with an influence of Power from Satan, it blinds the eyes of mens minds, that they fhould not fee this Glory of Chrif!, whereon they perilh eternally, 2. Cor. 4· ··~' 4· . BUT