Owen - BS1450_130st_093_1669

I AN FXPOSITIONi UPON PSALM C X X X. Pfalm 130. a. Vt of the depths have Icryed unto thee, 0 Lord. 2. Lord, hear my voyce, let thine ears he atten- tive to the voyce of my fupplications. 3. if thou, Lord,/hosrldf mark iniquities, O Lord, who flaall f and ? 4. Eut there is forgivenef with thee : that thou maifi he feared. 5. Iwait for the Lord, my foul Both wait, and in hips word do I hope. 6. My foul trarteth for the Lord, more than ?ey, that watch for the morning', I fay, more th't `5ey that watch for the morning. 7. Lct Ifrael hope in the Lord, for with the Lord ikere iFs mercy, and with him is plenteous Redemption. 8. And he jhall redeem Ifrael from all lias Iniquities. E A, P A: