Owen - BS1450_130st_093_1669

2 A PARAPHRASE. Verse r, 2. t Out of rNi Lord, through my manifold fns and pr,ovacations I have the depths brought my f elf into great dif1re(fes. Mine Iniquities are have I cry- aiwayes before me,. and I am ready to be overwhelmed with them, thee, U as with a flood of waters, for they have brought me into depths,. Lord. wherein I am ready to be ¡wallowed up. But yet although my di- 2. Lord, f rr fíß be great and perplexing; I do not, I dare not utterly deßond hear my and cal} away all hopes of relief or recovery. Nor do I fèek unto ne ha any other remedy, way or means of relief, but I apply my flf to tne ears be arten- thee Jehovah, to thee. alone. And in this my Application unto rive to the thee , the greatncf and urgeng of my troubles makes my foul voyce of urgent, earned, and pre ng in my fupplications. 1Vhilf I have no try cations fupp. li -rejl, I can give thee no refs ; Oh therefore attend and hearken unto the voyce of my crying and fupplications. Ver. 3.. 3. If thou, T2' it true O Lord, thou God great "and" terrible , that if thou Lord fhouldji deal with me in this Condition, with any man living, thoulda with the belt of thy Saints, according to the ftriîí and .exa6 te- qui ties, o nor of the Law, which ftrJt reprefnts it Pelf to my guilty Confci- Lord, who ante, and troubled foul If thou fhouldjt take notice of, obferve, dtiall ftand ? and keep in Remembrance, mine, or their, or the Iniquity of any one , to the end that thou mighteft deal with them, and recom- pence unto them according to the fintence thereof; there would be neither for me, nor them , any the least expeîfation of deliverance;. all flesh mull fail before thee, and the J irits which thou haft made, and that to Eternity ; for who could ftand before thee , when thou fhouldjt fo execute thy difjileafureo Ver.