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I AN FXPOSITIONi UPON PSALM CXXX. Pfalm 130. a. Vt of the depths have Icryedunto thee, 0 Lord. 2. Lord, hear my voyce, let thine ears he atten- tive to the voyce of my fupplications. 3. if thou, Lord,/hosrldf mark iniquities, O Lord, who flaall f and ? 4. Eut there is forgivenef with thee : that thou maifi hefeared. 5. Iwait for the Lord, myfoul Both wait, and in hips word do I hope. 6. My foul trarteth for the Lord, more than ?ey, that watchfor the morning', Ifay, more th't `5ey that watch for themorning. 7. Lct Ifrael hope in the Lord,for with theLord ikere iFs mercy, andwith him isplenteous Redemption. 8. And he jhall redeemIfraelfrom all lias Iniquities. E A, P A: