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Ver.4. to thefreeAds ofGods will. 101 te(iìonof it ? and what mean thoughts are entertained about it, when men Ceek for pardon ? Immunity from PuniJhment is the tltmofl that lyes in the aims and defines of moll, and is all that they are exercifed in the confideration of, when they deal with God about fin. Such men think and will do fo, that we have an, Katie task in hand ; namely, to prove that there is forgiveneír inGod ; bit this eafe lyes in their own ignorance and darknefs ; If ever they come to tèarch after it indeed , to en- quire into the Nature, ReaCons,Caufes, fountain and fprings of it they will be able to give another account of there things. Chritl is the center of the myt ene of the Golpe!, and forgivenefi is laid up in the heart of Chritl, from the. love of the Father ; in him are all the Treafures ofit hid. And Purely it is no (mall thing to have the heart of Chritl revealed unto us. When Believers deal about pardon, their faith exercifes it felt about this, that God with whom the foul hath to do, bath fent the Lord Chrilf to dye, for this end, that it may be freely given out. General notions of impunity they dwell not on, they paCs not for : They have a clofer convene with God. than to be fatisfied with fuch thoughts. They enquire into thegraeioufncft ofhis Nature, and the good pleafure of his Will, the purpofe of his Grace ; they ponder, and look into the mytle- rie of his Wifdom and Love in finding his Son. If thcfeffirings be not clear unto them, the /creams will yield them but little refrefhment. It is not enough that we Peek after falvation but we are to enquire and Parch diligently, into the nature and manner of it. There are the things that the Angels defire to bow down and look into , I Pct. 1. I I, 12, 13. And fome think, if they have got a form ofwords about them, they have gotten a fufricient cornprehenfion of them. It is doubtlefs one Reafon why many who truly believe, do yet fo fluftuate about forgivenefi all their dayes ; that they never exercifed faith to look into the ffrings of it, its eternal fountains; but have meerly dwelt on aîlual condonation. However, I fay, there things lye utterly out of the confideration, ofthe comet mon pretenders to an acquaintance with the truthwe have in hand. Secondly, There is another Soveraign Aa of Gods Wig to 0.3 k