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Ver.4. refre0 theVoodofChrif I05 tender; whence fo many things are fpoken ofhis mercifulnefs, and faithfulnefs, to encourage us to exptl2 forgiveneß from him. This alfo adds to the myflerious depths of forgivenèf ; and makes its difcovery a great matter. The foul that looks after it in carnal, mini confider what it coil. How light domoll men makeof pardon ? What an eatie thing is it tp be ac- quainted with it ? and no very hard matter to obtain it. But to hold Communion with God, in the blood of his Son, is a thing of another nature than is once dreamed of by many, who think they know well enough what it is to be pardoned. God be merciful is a common laying and as common, to delire he would be fo for Cbrijls fake. Poor Creatures are call into the mould of fuch exprefíìons, who know neither God, nor Mercy, nor Chritl, nor any thing of the myflerie of the Gofpel. Others look on the outrideof the trots ; to fee into the my[lerie of the Love of the Father, working in the blood of the Mediator, toconfider by faith the great tranfadion of Divine Windom, Juflice and Mercy therein, how few attain unto it ? To come unto God, by Chrift for forgiveneß, and therein to behold the Law iffuing all its threats and curfes in his blood, and looting itsRing, putting an end to its obli- gttion unto punifhment in the Crofs, to Ice all fins gathered up in thehand ofGods Jutiice, and made to meet on the Me- diator ; and eternal love fprtnging forth triumphantly from his blood, t,ourifhing into Pardon, Grace, Mercy, Forgivenefs, this the heart of a fmnner can be enlarged unto only by the Spirit ofGod. Thirdly, There is inforgivencß, free condonation, difcharge, or Forgive- pardon, according to the tenor of the Gofpel ; and this may be el StesSUn- confidered two wages. to the Pro- Fir(l, As it lyes in the Promife it fell; and fo it is Gods gra- mife. clous declaration ofpardon to finners, in and by the blood of Chrifi ; his Covenant to that end and purpofe ; which is varioufly propofed, according as he knew needful for all the ends and p._mrpofes of ingenerating faith, and communicating that contolation which he intends therein. f' This