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Ver.4. Saving Faith where there is nòAffitramee. articular, it is the produdi of an exercifed, vigorous, aE}ive faith. That our faith fhould be fuch, alwayes, in every Rate and condition, I fuppofe it our duty to endeavour. Not on- ly our comfrts, but our Obedience allo depends upon it. The more faith ; that is true, and of the right kind, the more obe- dience. For all our obedience, is the obedience of faith. ( z. ) For its own fruit, and what it produceth , they are the choicefi actings of our fouls towards God; asLove,dclighr, rejoycing in the Lord, Peace, Joy, and Confolation in our Lives, readinefs to do, or fùffer, chearfulnefs in fo doing; If they grow not from this root, yet their flourifhing wholly de- pends upon it. So that Purely it is the duty of every Believer to break through all difficulties in preiling after this particular Afurance. The Objet` ions that perlons raife againti them - felves, in this cafe, may afterwards be confidered. ( 2.) In ordinary difJenfationsof God towards us, and deal- ings with us, it is yr:oftly of r own negligence andPilo that we come fhort of this Affuran.ce. It is true, it depends in a pe- culiar manner on the Soveraignty of God. He is as abplute in giving Peace to believers , as in giving Grace to rnncr.r. This takes place, and may be propofed as a relief, in times of tryals and diflrefs. He createth light , and caufeth darknef? as he pleafeth. But yet confidering what Pro- miles are nade unto us What encouragements Ere given us, what love and tendernefs there is in God to receive us, I cannot but conclude, that ordinarily the caufe of our cot ng (bortt of this Affurance is where I have fixed it. And this is the firfi thing that is fuppofed, in the foregoing Af- fertion. 1 i5 Secondly, It is fuppofed, that there is, or may be afaving per- Saving freafion or difcovery offorgivencß in God , Where there is no A1- Faith furance of any particular intereil therein ; or that our own "'here cheré is no fins in particular. are pardoned. This is that which bath a Afinrance. Promife of gracious Acceptance with God, and, is therefore faving, Ifa. 5o. i o. Who s among you that feareth the Lord, .and obeyeth the voyce of his Servant, that walk5th in darkncf and hatb no light ; Let him truff in the _name of the_ Lord , and gay upon Q2 his