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Ver.-4 Fórrvesrerdifovered in the Pr`offli. z3 9 Dife' "every of Forgivenefi in the ftrft Promifë. The Evidence of the Truth that lye: therein., And by the Infiitution of Sacrifices. Their Vfe and End. Alfo yy the prefcription. of Repentance unto inners. The firft Difcovery of forgivenefßin God, ( and which I place Foi- ve- as the firll Eviden:e of it ) was made in his lira dealing with uefs difco -; our Parents after their fhameful fin and fall. Now to make it °eyed in the firfi appear, that this is an evidence that carryes along a great Promife. conviótion with it , and is fuch as faith may fecurely reft upon and dole withall , the enfuing Obfervations are to be confidered. TheMt fin in the world, seas on many accounts the greatefi fin that ever was in the world. It was the fin as it were ofHumane Nature, wherein there was a confpiracy of all Individuals; omnes eramus unus ille homo; in Lhat one man, or,that -one fin, we all finned, Rom. 5. 12. it left not God one f L jeii as to mo- ral obedience on the earth, nor the leali groundfor any fuch to be unto Eternity. When the Angels tinned the whole raceor kind did not prevaricate. Thoufand thoîfandr of them, and ten tboufand times ten tboufands continued in their obedience, Dan. 7. 10. But here, all and every individual ofmankind (he only excepted which was not then in Adam) ;were imbarked in the Came crime and guilt. Befides it diflurbcd the Government of God in and over the whole Creation. God hadmade all things innumber, weight, and meafure, in order and beauty : pro- nouncing himfelf concerning his whole work that it was TitP ZSt3 exceeding beautiful and good, Gen. i. 31. Much of this beauty lay in the fùbordination of one thing- to another, and of all to himfelf by the mediation and interpcfitioit of man, through whofe Prayfes and Obedience the rea ofthe Crew- Lion being made fubje6 unto him, was to return their tri- bute of Honor and Glory untoGod. But all this Q.rckr deitroyed by this fin and the very creation made tfujje :tv vanity, Rom. 8. zo. On which, and the like,accounts, ;it, rtatggt be eafily made to appear that it was the greateft fin that ever was in the world. T2 2. Man