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Ver.4. his Prefription ofRepentance. purpofe. Tit. t. 2. God who cannot ye bath promifed it. Now there is a lye, a deceit in Things as well as in Words. He that Both a thing, which in its own nature is apt to deceive them that confider it, with an intention of deceiving them, is no , Ids a lyar,than he which affirms that to be true,which he knows to be falfc. There is a lye in AElions as well as in Words. The whole life of an hyocrite is a lye; fo faith the Prophet of Idolaters, there is a lye in their right hand, Ifa. 44. 20. 2. The propofal ofitepentance, is a thing fitted and fuited in its own nature, to beget thoughts in the mind of a (inner that there is forgivenefs rvitl? God. Repenting is for (inners on- ly. Icame not, faith our Saviour, to call the righteous, but fin= ners to repentance. It is for them, and them only. It was no duty for Adam in Eden ; it is none for the Angels in Heaven, nor for the damned in Hell. What then may be the language of this appointment ? O (inners, come and deal with God by Repen- tance : Doth it not openly (peak forgivenefs in God ? and if it were otherwife could men poffibly be more frufirated or de- ceived ? would not the InftitutionofRepentance be a lye ? Such a deluíon may proceed from Satan, but not from him who is the fountain of Goodnefs, Holinefs and Truth. His Call to Repentance, is a full Demon[lration of his readinefs to for- give, AC s 17. 30, 31, 32. It is true, many do thus deceive themfelves. They raife themfelves unto an expecdation of immunity, not on Gofpel grounds ; and their difappointmert is a great part of their punifhment. But God deceives none : whoever comes to him on his propofal ofRepentance,fhall find forgivenefs. It is laid of fome indeed, that he will laugh at their calamity, andmock when their fear com(th , Prov. r. z6. He will aggravate their mifery, by giving them to fee what their pride and folly háth brought them unto. But Who are they? only fuch as refute his Call to Repentance, with the Pro- mifes of Acceptation annexed. 3. There is then no caufe, why thole whoare under a Calf toRepentance, fhould queftion whether there be forgiveneßin God or no. This concerns my fecondPropofition. Come, faith the Lord, unto the fouls ofmen; leaveyour finful wayes, turn unto me, humble your [elves with brok n and contrite hearts : Alas, u z fay 7