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Ver.4. Confirmation oftheTrxth,&c.= I 49 eiple from' whence God convinces a ltubborn unbelieving people, that all his wayes and dealings with finners are jufl and equal, Ezek, 18. 25. And fhould therebe any failure in it they could not be fo. Every foul thin that is under a call to Repentance, whether out of his natural condition, or from any back-Eliding into folly after Converfion , hath a fuflicient foun- dation to reel on, as to the pardon he enquires after. God is ready todeal with himon terms ofmercy; if out of love to fin, or the power of unbelief, he refute to clofe with him on thefe terms, his condemnation is jufl. And it will be well that this contideration be well imprinted on the mindsofmen.. I fay notwithllanding the general prefumptions that men teem to have of this matter ; yet thcfe principles of it ought tobe in- culcated. For, i. Such is the Atheifm that lyes lurking in the hearts ofmen Confirma- by nature, that notwithftanding their pretences, and profefli- ton o of of the ens, we have need to be preflìng upon them Evidences of the Truth Being and Effential Properties of' God. In fo doing we netsneceC, have the afliflance of inbred notions in their own minds which fary. theycannot eje6l , to help, carry on the work. How much more is this neceffary in reference unto the free AUs of the Will ofGod, which are tobe known only by meer Revelation. Our Word had need be line upon line : And yet when we have done, have caul enough to cry out, as was Paid, Lordwho loath believedour report, and to whom loath this arm of the Lard been revealed ,2 2. What was fpoken before of the ob./lacks that lye in the way hindring fouls from a Caving reception of this Truth, ought to be remembred. Thofe who have no experience of them between God and their fouls , feem to be igno- rant of the true nature of Confcience, Law, Gofpel, Grace; Sin and Forgivenefs. 3. Manywho are come to a favingperfwaftcn ofit, yet having not received it upon clear and unqueflionable grounds, and fo not knowing how to refolve their faith of it into its proper principles, arenot able to anfwer the Objeótions that lye againft it in their own Confciences, and fo do miferably fluhuate U 3 about