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Ver.4. Prayerfor thepardon of (in commanded. 183 full of. Some endeavour to make their own fecular Advantage: by the pretence of the Church. Some dilcharge the duty required in it, with fore fecret hopes that it [hall be their Righteoufnefi before God. Sorne anfwer only their Light and Convitlionf in an emptyprofeflion. This alone is the true end, the true Life of it. We affemble our felves to learn that there is forgivenefs with God through Chrifi ; to pray that we may be made partakers of it. To biefs and praife God for our Ime- reft in it, to engage our felves unto that Ohcdienee which he requires upon the account of it. And were this confiantly upon our minds, and in our defigns, we might be more etta- blifhed in the faith of it, than it may be the mofl; of us are. 4. One particular ¡nftance moreof this nature (ball conclude Prayer for this Evidence : God bath commanded us, the LordChrift bath the pardon taught us to pray for thepardon offin, which gives us unqueiii- oPGn com- onable fecurity that it may be attained, that it is to he found in manded. God ; for the clearing whereofnbferve, r. That the Lord Christ in the Revelation of the Will of God unto us, as unto the duty that he required at our hands, hath taught and infiru6ed us to pray for the orgivencfs of fin. It is one of thePetitions which he path left on record for our ufe and imitation in thatfismtnaw of all prayer which he hath given us, Matth. 6. r2. Forgive us our debts, our treffraff, our fins : Some contend that this is a form ofprayer to be ufed ire the prescript limited words of it. All grant that it is a Rule for prayer, comprizing the heads of all neceffary things, that we are to pray for, and obliging us to make fupplications for them. So then upon the Authority of God revealed unto us by Jefus Christ, we are bound in duty to pray for pardon of fins, or forgivenefi. 2. On this fuppofition, it is the highefl BlafJhemy and re- proachof God imaginable, to conceive that there is not for- givenefs with him for us. Indeed if we fhould go upon our own heads without his Warranty and Authority, to ask any thing at his hand, we might well expel to meet with die. appointment. For what should encourage us unto any finch boldnefs