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V.er..4. offirfi the Covenant. t 189 it ; as might be more fully manifetied, were that our prefent work. Secondly, In particular it was Good, Holy and Righteous in all the Commands of it in the Obedience which it required. And two things there were that rendred it exceeding Righte- ous, in reference unto its Precepts or Commands. Firfl', That they were all fuited unto the Principles of the nature ofman created by God, and in the regular acing whereof confined h s perfe.hon. God in the first Covenant required nothing of man, prefcribed nothing unto him, but what there was a Prin- ciple for the doing and accomplifhing of it ingrafted, and im- plantedon his nature.; which rendred all thole commands equal, holy and good. For what need any man complain of that which requires nothing of him, but what he is from his own frame and Principles inclined unto ? Secondly, All tI e Commands of it were proportionate unto theftrength and abi- lity cf them to whom they were given. God in that Covenant required nothing of any man, but what he had b_fore enabled him to perform : nothing above his firength, or beyond his power : and thence was it alfo righteous. Secondly, It was exceedingGood Holy and Righteous upon the account of its Promifes and rewards. Do this, faith the Covenant; this wn'ich thou art able to do, which the Principles of thy nature are fitted for, and enclíned unto. Well, what fhall be the iftue there- of ? Why do this and live ; Life is promifed untoObedience, and that fuch a Life, as both for the prefent and future con- dition of the creature, was accompanied with every thing that was needful tcrmake it bleffed and happy. Yea, this Lje having in it the eternal enjoyment of God, God himfelf as a Reward, was exceedingly above whatever the Obedience of man could require as due, or have any Reafon, on any other account, but meerly of the Goodnefs ofGod to expeec. Thirdly, Therewas provifion in that Covenant for the Prefer- nation and manifeffation of the Glory of God, whatever was the Event on the part of man. This was provided for in the Wildom and Righteoufnefs ofGod. Did n`ian continue in his Obedience, and tulfill the terms of the Covenant all things wcre laid in fubferviency to the Eternal Glory of God in his B b 3 Reward.