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The Nature and Extent o ff pplies of Grace, Pfal.t 30.. tells us, could not make perfect the worfhippers, v. i. which he proves, v. 2. becauGe they did never take away, throughly and really,Confèience of fn;that is,depths or diffreffls ofconfcierrce about tin ; But now, faith he, Jails Chrift in the Covenant of Grace hath for ever perfCled them that werefanflified, v. r.}. providing for them fuch Liable peace and conlolation, as that they (hail not need the renewing of Sacrificer every day, v. 18. This is the great to}Jterie of the Gofpcl in the blood ofC:hriUt; that thofé who fin every day, fhould have peace with God all their days. Provided theirErns fall within the compifs of thofe infirmities, againll which this confolation is provided. Thirdly, There is provifion made of Grace,. to prevent andpre- f%rve the foul from great and enormous fins, fuch as in their own nature, are apt to wound confcience, and call t he perlon into fuch depths and intangiements as wherein he lhall have neither rat nor peace. Ofwhat fort theft fins are, (hall be afterwards declared. There is in this Covenant Gracefor Grace, Joh,1.16. and abundance of Grace, adminiflred from the Ai,f4lne of Chrift. Grace reigneth in it, Rom.. 6.6. deltroying and crttcif). ing the body of fin. But this Provifion in the Covenant ofGrace againfl peace-ru- ining, foul-perplexing tins, is not as to the adminiftration of it, abfolute. There are Covenant Commands and Exhortations , on the attendance whereunto , the adminiffration of much Cove- nant-Grace doth depend. To, watch, pray, improve faith, to land on our guard continually, to mortifie fin, to fight againtt temptations, with (tedfafinefs, diligence, conflancy. , are every where prefcribed unto us; and that in order unto the enfurmce of the Grace mentioned. Thefe things are of our part, the condition of the Admirlilfration of that abundant Grace, which is to preferve us from foul-entangling fins. So Ptter informs us, 2 Ep. i. v. z. The divinepower of God bath given unto to all things thatpertain unto life and godlinef;. Wehave from it an habitual furnifhment and provifion for obedience at all times. Alfo faith he, v. 4. He bathgiven untous great andpretiouspro - mifes, that by them we might be partakers of the Divine Nature; What then is in this bleffed eflate and condition required ofus, that we may make a.due improvement,of . the provifion made foi