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62 Acknowledgement of Sin, &c. P'fal.13o pre(lion upon another, to manife t his enlargement. So loth a tout riling out of its depths, in this beginning of his addreft unto God. Having the fnfe of fin, before defcribed wrought in him by theiloly Gholt, his heart is made free and inlarged unto an ingeroous acknowledgement of his fin before the Lord. Herein he pours out his foul unto God ; and bath not more freedom in any thing, than in dealing about that, whereof he is molt afhamed. Secondly, Full alto it muff be. Referves ruine confeílion. If the foul have any fecret thought of rolling a (meet morfil under its tongue, ofa bow in the houlë of Rimmon, it is likepart of the price kept back, which makes the whole robbery , inftead of an Tiring. If there be remaining a bitter root of favouring any one lull or fin, of any occafion of, or temptation unto fin, let a man be as open, free, and earneft as can be imagined in the acknowledgement of all other fins and evils, the whole duty is rendered abominable. Some perlons when they are brought into depths and anguifh about any fin, and are thereon forced to the acknowledgement of it, at the fame time they are little concerned, with their other follies and iniquities, that it may be, are no lets provoking unto God, than that is fromwhence their prefent trouble dotharite. Let not, as James (peaks in another cafe, fuch a man think, that hefhall receive any thingfrom God. It muff be full and comprehenfive, as well as free and ingenious. . And of fuch importance is the right performance of this du= ty, that the promife of pardon is oft-times peculiarly annexed unto it, as that which certainly carries along with it, the other duties which make up a full returnal unto God, Prov. 28. 13. a john r. 9. and that place in job is remarkable, Chap. 33. 27, 28. He looketh upon men, and if any fay 1 have finned, and perverted that which was right, and it profited me not ; He will deliver hi, foul from going into the pit, and his life (hall fie the light. He thall not only be made partaker of pardon, but of confolation alto, and joy in the light of Gods coun- tenance. Thirdly,