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Ver.4. Forgivenef'agreat Myeerie. 79 be afterwards undeniably evinced ; and I thall fpeedily thew the difference that is between their vain credulity, and a Gra- cious, Gofpel difcovery of forgivenefs in God. For it muff be obferved, that by this DiJovery, I intend, both the Revelation of it made by God, and our undemanding, and Reception of that Revelation to our own advantage, as (hall be íhewed im- mediately. Now thegrounds of the difficulty intimated, confia partly in the hinderances, that lye in the way of this difcovery ; and partly in the nature of the thing it fell, that is difcovered ; of both which I thall briefly treat. But here before I proceed, fomewhat muff be premifed to thew what it is, that I particularly intend by a difcovery of fur- givenef. It may then be confidered two wayes; Firft, For a doelrinal, objeílive difcovery of it in its truth ; 2. An experimen- tal fubje live difcovery of it in its power. In the firft fente, fur- giveneß in God, hath beendifcovered ever fince the giving out of thefirft Promifi : God revealed it in a wordofPromife, or it could never have beer known, as thall be afterwards declared. Icr this fente after many lefher degrees and advancements of the .light of it, it was fully and glorioufly brought forth by the LordJefcss Chrif -t in his own Períon ; and is now revealed, and preached in the Gofpel, and by them to whom the Wordof Re- conciliation is committed. And to declare this is the principal work of the Minifters of the Gofpel. Herein lye thofe un- fearchableTreafures andRiches of Chriti,which the Apof}le etleem- ed as his chiefe(t Honour andPriviledge that he was intrufted with the declaration and difpenfation of, Ephef. 3. 8, 9. I know by many it is elefpifed, by many traduced, whole Igno- rance and blindnefs is to be lamented. But the day is coming whichwill r, anifeft every mans workof what fort it is. In the latter fenfe how it is made by faith in the foul, flail in its pro - per place be further opened and made known. Here many men miftake, and 'deceive themfelves. Becaufeit is fo in the Boob, they think it is fo in them,alto. Becaufe they have been taught it , they think they believe it. But it is not fo ; They have not beard this voyce of God at any time, nor feen hit fhape , it bath not been revealed unto them