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ppaectouo Oaít . Sometimes it imports a dogmatical or Maori- cal Faith, which is an aWent to the word of God as true and infallible: thus the very devils be- lieve a God, and (which is more then many fin - ful worms do) they tremble, 3am.2. i9. Sometimes it imports a temporary Faith,which is but a dogmatical faith, budding and bloffom- ing with force tarts and joys in the things of God: thus the ftony ground received the word with joy, Mat. i 3.2 0. Sometimes it imports a miraculous Faith, which by a fpecial infin6 gives fach a touch up- on the power of God, as to produce wonderful effeas in nature ; a grain of this is enough to re- move mountains, Mat. 7.2 0. Sometimes it imports faving Faith, called by the Apoli le precious Faith, 2 Fet.r.r. Omitting the refl, I iihall fix my Difcourfe up- on this, and that upon a double account. Firl }, This precious faith virtually includes the refl. In Faith in the fide notion, there is only the Gofpel or objet ftanding alone by it fell, but in this faith the a6t and the objed are in fweet conjunction ; the foul is Gofpellized , and the Gofpel, which outwardly runs in the letter, is inwardly glorified in the believers heart. In dogmatical faith there is an affent to the truths of God, and fo there is in precious faith, but in a more eminent manner ; the hi-fi embracing the Gofpel only in its naked truth, and hiftory is but a dead and a cold notion, but the fecond embra cing the fame in its goodnefs and fpiritual myfle- ry, carries life and warmth in it : temporary faith