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plecíauo fan. CHAP. V. Reafons proving the l f f ential nature of Faith, cl4 the condition of the Gofpel, to eonffi in an holy thorough dependant Self- refignation. H U S far of the nature of this Refignati- on, as to its Objcds , Ends and Ad- juncts. It remains that I lay down my reafons, why I place the vitality and effential nature of faith, as it is the condition of the Gofpel, in fuch a refignation as is before defcribed. And for this, Firft, That precious faith, which is the E- vangelical condition, is more then a bare naked agent to the Goffiel-truth, and left then an arm- ranee of love and pardon from God, wherefore it mutt needs be fome middle thing between both , fuch as Refignation is. I (hall en- deavour to make good both propofiti- ons. Firif Pretiout faith is more then a bare naked affent to the Go#el- truth. This will be clear by the enfuing confiderati - onS. Firft, A naked affent is but credere Deo, a beieving Scriptural axiomes to be true; but K : precious