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Plecinaoaitt. an univerfal fenfe, taking in all the fpecies and images of heavenly things into the heart. The learned Junius with all his notions,coming into a poorCountrymans houfe,and hearing him dif court warmly and feelingly of Chrift, immedi- ately thought that Religion was more then a no- tion ; and thereupon reflefing on ,himfelf, was turned unto God,and no doubt found by expe- rience, that faith was much fuller of life and fenfe then meer notion. Fifthly,T he meer notional knowledge gathe- red in by reafon puffeth up,as if force of the Ser- pents poifon were in it,it blows up the heart in- to proud reflexes. Bonaventure to keep his mind from fwelling, ufed to fweep rooms and waílh veffels. I fuppofe it was, left his School-notions fliould fwell, and make a tumor in, his heart.But the light of faith is an humbling thing.If it enter in within the vail, and fee God on b,5 'Throne, it vies out as the Prophet Ifaiah, Wo i1 me, I am 2qtdone.:If it fly up to Sinai, angl fenfe the 611114 dors and lightnings of the fiery :Law, itputsthe "fOu1 into a trembling fit.If it gfi 4 pilgrimage to Gßlvary,and there take a view ofChrift crucifi- ed,it is greatly abafive, bowing the heart down under the confcience of fin. If it look inwardly into the heart,and there fee the filthy and natty corruptions in every corner, it will far more humble then Bonaventures fweeping and waPning.And the reafon of this difference is,meer notions are but the progeny and iflfne of our own reafon,and therefore we are apt to be fond and fall a cockling of them. But fupernatural light