Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

The TABLE. A Pag. ADam Preacht of Chrift. 376 Adoption a fruit of Faith, 2 41. Its Pri- viledg, 242, to 249, hereby a greater Glory than in Adam. 244 Adriatick Sea, a Popifh Fable about the calming of it. 104, 105. Albertus Magnus his Statue f pealing articu- lately. 164. Ambrofe's Paying of Cain and Abel. 367 Armas Burgus his Prayer at his Martyrdom. 176 His Patience. 318 Andelots brave anf wer when queftioned,to Henry 2d. of France. 315 Anfelm's Interrogatory and Counfel to a Man at the point of death. 8o Antinomians Error about Sin & the Law. 121 4ffurance and Faith how differ. 137, to 149 That it it attainable 397. Of our good eftate is attainable, 387. Names given to Faith 'hew it, 399, 410. Another ground, 404. Exam- ples of it, 403: Popifh errour about it, 388. Like the Sceptick Philo'phers herein, g 89. It puffs not up, 3 9 5, 3 96, Af itrance of Par- don, 397. Of Perfeverance, 412. Ways by which it is attained, 424. It begins the Song of Free -Grace here. 460 Athanafus his Paying when Banifhed by the Em- perour. 198 Auguftin's miflake about Faith retraced. 6 Struga