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64 CCtOU¢ fan. will not this extra- fcriptural fpirit go? what errors will it not broach ? what facred founda- tions of truth will it not dernolifh ? how little Gofpel or divine rule will it leave toChriflians? Leave it then O Enthufiaff,or elfe thou canft not follow the fpirit of truth.Thus much by way of queftion to the Enthuftaffs. Secondly, I. (hall in a word fay fomewhat to their Allegations : they fay,7'hat the freripture.r are but the Chriffians Alphabet, and for begin- ners only.But let us remember, the fpirit which is in believers in an ordinary way,was in thePen- men of Scripture in an extraordinary ; I wasin the #irit,faith St. John, Rev. t. i a. he faith not, the fpirit was in me,but I was in the fpirit, as a vcffel in the fea, every way farrounded and o- verruled by it.And who can believe that the fpi- rit in its ordinary way fhould :exceed it felt- in its extraordinary; that in believers it fnould ut- ter high myfteries,which in Prophets and Apo - files gave out only an Alphabet ? if it be no more,I dare fay,no man,no not the molt perfe6t Difciple of God on earth ever throughly under flood his Alphabet,no mans knowledge evér di- ved into the bottom of Scripture, no mans holi- nefs was ever parallel to its precepts, nor no ;mans faith ever traced the unfearchable riches of grace thereunto the uttermotl , and fhall we fay,it is only an Alphabet for beginners ? is it not the wifilom of God in a myiery? it it not able torn* the man of God perfect ? bath St. Paul milk only and not Jfrong meat ? was St.Peter to feed the lambs only,and not to feed them into (beep, and