Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

TO the Chrìftian Reader. felves upon every pieee of it,that all the Saints above and below may read the CháraEt`rs thereof ; and have reafon to cry out , Grace, Grace. Indeed heaven and Eattll t000uld ring with the Praifes of it, and Eternity it felf will be (hort enough to be- hold and admire it in. To coin- pafs this Glorious defign the Son of God left his Fathers Boforn, and appeared in our Flefh, to make a Robe for us of his own Righteoufnefs , and a Laver for us in his own Blood. Our Na- ture in -him is now in Heaven, and his Spirit is defeended to im- prefs his Image on us thereby to make us meet for that Bleffed Region, to fecure all to us. Hea- ven bath let down a great Char- ter in the precious Gofpel , in which we have a Map of Glory, and