Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

7 S pleciatto ,ai* share inChrifls riches;a captive in his chains,till God break them off and bid him go free ; and nothing inhis'nothingnefs, that creating grace may pats upon him,and God be all in all. This is the way to refìgnatipn, fuch is Gods Method to bring light out of darknefs, perfect Power in weaknefs,and call things that are not, as if they were. Tifthly,2'here is a denial of a mans own righ- teoufneß. Every man naturally would be a felf- juftifier,as the Apoftle faith,Kom.ro.3.he would 5. cx[ eftablifh,or make to ftand his own righteouf- neß,though it be but a dead carcafs,he would fet it upon its legs;though but a breathlefs image, he would have it fland alone; and the reafon is, becaúfe he would be juftified by fomewhat with - in,he would not go out for a righteoufiiefs: But alafs,all this while he doth not, cannot, refign ; thus the Apoftle in that place,going about to elta- blifh their own righteoufneß, they fubmitted not themfelves to the righteoufneß of God. A man, whileft upon his own bottom, will not furren- der ; but take himup into Moriah,into the vifion of God,and fhew him the purity of Gods nature, and the finfulnefs of his own ; carry him to Si- nai, and let him fee the neceflìty of a perfect righteoufnefs, and the impofiibility of an inhe- rent one in himfeif; pluck away his fig-leaves of falfe righteoufnefs,and open his eyes upon his own nakednefs and poverty : this is the true way to refignation. Thus far of the fecond thing in faith ; what 'manner of belief of Scripture this is,and how in the