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P ccioc ,mitt;. neckr,if he had fo many. God fays further, my Chrill is a crucified one, and you cannot, mull not divide him from the crofs.No faith the foul, I will take him crofs and all. I would fain fay as the noble Ignatitu,veniant crux,ignir,ofum con - frafioner,mod`o Chriftum habeam,let the crofl,and the fire, and the broken boner come, lb I may but have Chrift, I hope nothing fhall feparate me from his love. God fays again, through this Chrift thou mull in all thy wants call thy felf upon me for a fupply.I cannot (faith the foul. bear up my own weight in this refpet,I wwul fain lay all upon thee ; my guilt upon thy mer- cy, my unworthinefs upon thy free-grace, my folly upon thy wifdom, and my weaknefs upon thy almighty power ; if thou doef not help me, the barn -floor and wine-prefs of the creature cannot do it ; if thou fail me, I am confounded and expel} to be miferable.Moreover fays God, in all thy addreffes unto me, thou muff look to thy warrant, and fee whether Scripture will bear thee out in it or not. The Scripture (faith the foul) is the Great Charter; above fealed by infi- nite veracity,and below by faith ; this,this is the facred rule I delire to go by in all my relignati- ons : After fome fuch manner as this doth the believing foul furrender up it felf. But for the more clear opening of this refignation, I fhali confider three things. Firjt,Unto whom or what this refignation is made ? Secondly, For what things or purpofes it is made? G Thirdly,