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THE GOLDEN SCEPT·ER held forth to the Hun1ble. · WITH THE CHVRCH~S Dl-GNITI E f_ ·by her Marriag~. AND THE CHVRCHES D VT IE in her ~arriage. Irt.t/ql~e Tredtifes. The fidl: delivered in fundry Sermons in Cambridge · for the \Veekely Falls, 1 6 2 5· The two later in Lincclnes l :me. 'By the late learnedand re1JerendVivine, .. lOHN PRESTON, Dr. in Divinity, Chaplairie inOrdinary to H1s MaJejly., Mr. ofEmt~nuel Coli edge in Cam6ri.:tg'e, and – fomtime ·Preacher-at Lincofnu Innc... I E·R. ~· 14 , 14· . 'J?!lmne thbrt backJliding Ifi"ae~.{aith the I. 0 R7J, and J wi!l nnt cil/l.fe mint ange;- to {a!lrtponyott: for! am mfrcifo!l, [iUth 1be LOR7J, trrld ,I wi!jnot keel' anger fin evet. 7?.!tume 0 bac~flldmg Ifi'ael,for Jam married unto yore. 1 Hos.:.7. Jwill goc a-ad retJt1ne unto my frft h11~b:md) for then it w.u bcttet with mCt,l:an now. """ LONDON ,,:" . ' Pnntedby 'R:_ Badger for 1X:_ fJ()urn~ at the Rayall Exch:mge, ..and ;1!'.73-olcr at the Marigold in P A u :t· s Church-yard, and ( R. H~rfordat_the gilt BI ·n LE·- in .fi?.!!cencs-hct~d · Alley tn Patcr-nofler RoPP. ' 1' 6 3 &~

.. .:-· .. -:.•" /r. J I / / ··""

TO THE tRULY VERTVOVS A N D RE L 1 G I O. V'- S • I • Gentle·man, R l c H A R n · KN 1 G HT LE Y, Efquirt. S Ifl\., ·T bathbeene our 'm:– flome hitherto, \vho were deputed by the Author to thrs ferv'ice, to infcribe or dedicate the feverall traetates .. . we ~ave put forth, to .fome .or other of .his fpecialL friends ; as ,proofs ofour fidelity, in di[cha.rging of the jtru.G ~epofed im_... us,-and fpedall ~mblernes · ·of the Autboors great abilities. fgr if in · ~-· --________ A_4~~---ev_e~~~· ~~ r ,,

aeverytriv_iaU~and fni:aUEpi~le, aman db ex– .i.drare animam~··.itt.priht upori;the paper f9me pe.e~es;of niSJfoule, <hedoth k 'n:tuch 'more doubdeffe in his fludied excrcifcs, wherdri , ·:he cannot 'b~t'conceive ..his memory · may live, and fome 'part of himfelfe be 'kept a~ _live, a~d fweet to all 'poflcrity. · · ,Ifhecould fay, ncn emnis moriar, ~ecaufe . he was aPoet) and thinkhis Poem 1 ;U1 ~re'amonument that time it felfe would ' 'not be ab1e to divoure: how·much n1ore . 'mayhe fay it that drawes himfelfeunto lif.e in an immortall Dye, and writes·fuc·h ~haraCters as are not fubj<'ct eo· de·ca:y a~d perilh? For all flefh ~graj}e, 4~dall the glory of rna~ M the jlcwer oj graffi : the graffi 111t– ~heretb , and the flower faUetb away , but the "»1ord ef th~ Lord enduretb for t'l1er : and tliu is the ~ord, 'lllhich by tlJe Gofpell is preached unto you, 1 'Pet~ 1.24, 15· . · · I ~ Seeing ~herefore it hath pleafed ·~od 'to p,rtfdve thefe . pecces yet alive, and after long deferring and ' defiring, ~o produce an~ b~ing_ ,chem forth tc.~ publike ·vie.w ; we have thought good, J .in a ·prime and t • c . I

l~~-=-~- - y;~pp[ft{e.,:'I)~~ii~Torie. ~ ' . · T' ·1 r~~cjarr.manner · t~J~ntitle" y<;>i/untp-the~-;; · · ·-~---" - · ! and-". to fend them out ;- unto -the world J ' ' \ j .1. I \ ' ·-~ ' - ' ' ' i un~~~r ~ne ,cQven and lhadow ' of .your name. - - - . ·· · ·· · · · .For ,keing it pka-fed -the Autho~r to ~·~ooJe your habitation, wherein to put i – ,off and lay up his ,(then) dec;ayil}_g and : dc.dining ~body , \vhy_.,lhould it .not bee • :proper andc~nvenk~c, to fend thefe living. .and furviving peeces of his foule, for to .at- ·,: "tend it i c9nfideri~g efpecially, howmuch -his . body h~retofore had \Vaited on his r~te, . whi£h qt~erwi~, in hu.mane proba- ~ili~i~, might Hill havebeene_alive. · .·· ,." · -~ . : , .~.either is thereany doubt, but thefe vi– gorous andufefull hreathings. of his fpirit, ~ill find acceffe and entertainm·ent, where llj.s languid, .andat I~fl, . his breathldfe bo– dy di~. Efp~cially- thefe - \vhich may more properly be count~d ~is ' than ;any. thing , rhat ~i,therto pach·feene the light, ·and this wee dare be bold to fay for thefe , .. that n~ne, ,of-themdid more .exprdfe ~he Au- .. - ~hoJJ~.t~ t~e I~fe.- . . > , .. , ~; .~. ·:. ~ 1 : · , ~ Thofe that .did eithe-rknowhim .it,. his . 1 ' t' life - ~l .:-". . " I :) . . .1 I ·~ ~

~------------------~~~~--~~--~ \, TheBpiflle1Jedicf1t0rie; ; // . ' ' I -- -.- ' j li'Fe time; or fince havemuch a~dfreq.L1ent1y ; ·perufed ~is wriri_ngs; ·fhaiJ lind .tb,Cfe, t~rec i ' things everywhere occurring. ,; '' ' . ' . " i ' The fou1enelfe of finne, the freendfe ·of grac~, and the tulnelfe of dfity,:wh_ich in 0- ' _ther peeces onely. ~tattered and (parkling ·· here an-d ' there, are here ·collected under . proper heads, and hatt"dled. fo profelfedfy . a,nddearely' as nothing more ·concerning ' themcan bedefired. · .. ~ . In the fjrfl: ~re the .danger and deformity 1 fin~e, drivi'ng thefpoufC'to fad a~d low ex– preffi~~s ofher·felfe, as thofe virgins were ·tornmanded,.Deut.2-t. n,n,•)"· E'lr-n t.ofha'lle 1 ljer bead 7 and pare her .naites, 4nd bewatle·her ' farbe., an,dl>er m,otber, tnat ic; _, her naturaU and inbredev'iJtsand corrnptions. ;. · , . ; . In the fecoti-d, is the· glo~iou~freen.e-ffeof thegrac:e ofChrill_, recei¥ing_this dejetl:ed ~ and humbled captiye unto favou~_,and;wid1tbatgr~at Kimg, Heft.j.i. reaching forth the . Gol~en 'Scepter ofhis love and mercy to ,her_, not ond1 to the pardon an,d forgive1 ne1fe of,all her fi~, but intjding a1fo_of her unto all things, for all tbingS' are hers, "D7hetber 1 • Paul · 'l~----~--~--------~---=--~- ~,-----2~~-

\ ,.The EpijlleVedicatorie. , !Paul, 9r Apollos, 6r [eplut,~, or ·tbe-,..,orld, or • ;ij[e,.or death, or things prefent , or things to konze, all are hers, bec4t~tft fhe is Chrijls, •·-~Or. i 'Jolt; ll'. . '~ ,. . . ." ' ' ' ·- : In the third·,. the·(ulodfe of her duty is_ .prell upon her,_ for, tbt grace of God , tbat bringetb falvation, dotb no. fooner apptart to a- . ny man, but it (eacbetb to deny ungolltneffe and ~or_ldb lufts, and to li'Ve Joberly, r:i;gbieoufly, and godly in this preftnt world , Tit.l! u, u. thac-as beforeAhaf"erus had the virg1ns pu; . rified that were to approac~ his bed, w,ith variousand co.Gly powders and perfumes,' Heft.l. n, &c. fo Chrifl:, when once the foule is faithfully efpoufed unto him, per– fumes and ~alhes her in his _motl: precious bloud, and beautifies her with variety <?f . gra.ces,tbat be·may prefont ber to himfolfe aglo .. rious Spou(e, not 1>al1ing fpot ~r -.,rinkle,or any · fucb thing ,·but -that Jh.e fhould be holJ ) 4nd witbout blame, Eph.5.17. . · f ' - -- l , And now what refls , but that thefe I· ~~reatifes cravefbadow& ~roteCl:ion from !' you, nayowneyou for the1r Patron? 0dth · .,not ~~he low and humble poRure of y~udr \·, · m1n .. "-'~- -::-.~· -- .... -- - - ' ·- 1 I I I r I ' /

i • The 8pijlleVedicatorie. . mind intide you unto the firll ? your high opinion of free grace, unto the fecond? and. / your holy and,fpotleife carriage,t.o the third?· Having fo juJl a title (befides other ingage– ments) by thisthreefold clayme, 'tis but ju– to ca~l your name upon it; and,.. byyour acceptance of it, ~you lhalliliew friendlhip· 'to..chis,Poll:hume, and.efpeciallyoblig~ lour ttlrtady m~t~h obliged, ,. and · ing~ed, ·

I =-- - . I '.\ ~ . :~~~~ --~.~~~\'I'J~~~P~~ -~1 ~~- ... ·.-,~~-. a~ '"'~ :f'..,~ .... j\~~~,~~~,..~,~~~M'""~Ar.;.'I'QO>~&>~ , .· ~~ i~ ~~ s oTt" of"~ .rt~ .r,~ ~~ ~~ 4"i~ ~-:."" ~~ ~i~ ' IJ~: ~ ":';I ""~· '~ . ' - -: . ~ }. \< .. :··::lh~ Contentsi?f the fidl Trea~ife~ ' 1 . :n:oa ~~ ~od afftiai his owne pe~pte.-· ·_, , 3 f ··Reaf.:t~ \...JBecau(e he love) them. . 4 . z. · 1/u~t hiJ rhpne,_be not blaj)hemed. Ib:d. -:, 3• flew.:~be (anClifiedintho(ethat draw !JUre ··-'' him. · lb:d. 4· Hewalksamongthem. . 5 . V re I ' To feare the Lord. 6 z. Want of fiare provoketh God. I 3 3. Gods feverity to wicked men. 1 8 · 4· Not tothin_k jlr11nge that God affli8s /;is. I 9 Doet. z. Godpities his pellplein4ffl.8ion. ~ 2 o Rcaf.l'. Htujlowtoaffl a. . ., 2. I z. He faftaines them in ~t[jliB ion. 1b:c' . : . . 3· He brings them-through afjl,flitm. 2 51 1 Vfe I. 'l{ot to be di[couraged in afjltefion. 3 2 . 2. To come ta God when 'Vt lra·ve offended him. 35/, 3. To leadm to repentance. - 37 l 4· Tocboffe the Lord]or 1 ur God. 41 .j 5· Toconfirme t-u in that choice. .. 45 Doct3. The Lords-name is c. .!lcd 'lptm bis people. 47 ' Real. God-hatb cho{en them. · a,8 I Vfe I. To learrre ehu!ima. . · 49 - ~ ~ 2. To humble our [elves. 53 f 3· 'Not t~ p81lute Gods name. · · 59 t; , 4· 'l{gt to'be alhamed to profefe-Guis nMm.llmL I; . comfor)t cuncerning (}ttr (elves, :akd t'f/e ch~rclt. _11 .. 63 11 • f: I · Dott.4. Without humiliationno mercy. 6 6 ~~: ---- - -- --· .,~~ =R,e;J:•.. L

:...----; Reaf.x. The nectJity of lmmili.1tion. __ 2. Elsthe;ewillhenireturnlng from fin. 71 ~} Els ther.e willhe no conftA?1CJ. , 734• ' Els GoJ,fh~uld not .hAve the pntife of hil {..,.... TheContents. . mercy. 74 Vfe I. Exhortation to the h;Jm6/e. i o I . z. Totho{ethat4~enotlumhlul. 103, Doer. 5. The Lordil mercifullto the humUe. · I 12 Reaf. I. Togive ~odtheglory. I I 3 .. 2·. Humilrty kups ll1inn il'l cof!Jp.tffe. Ibid. 3· It makes him tljefu/1to others. H 4: ·' 4· It m11kes himobedient. I 14 Vfe z. Confolat·ontothehum61'e. 115 . • To j/rengthen faith. I I 8~· l· Tohebumble in ~tfjlifliMs. 12 J 4· E.'(hortation to!Je more humhle. I 24. 5. Not to ttpply the promifes withot#·humiliation. . 131:•, ·Doct. 6. LA/1performances nothing without foeking Go's face. · H2 Reaf. God u holy. I ro Vfe I~- To examineifweft-eke GtJ~s (t~ct~. I 53 · l., .T"6 feeke the Lo:rd, andnot our {elves. I 68. 3· Not to forget the Lord in the m.;tldefl of his mercies. . · I 72 •Doct.7. Nointerejlinpromifes withs11t turningfrom ' •ev:·uwt~yes.. · I 86 Vfex. ExartJination. , ~· 197 2. ND duties {erve without turning'. z I 9 3'• Gdodpurpo{es.AIIne inflt{ji:cient. 2·22 _Doct.8. Tilrning from ourevil/ wilyesdifficult. 2 24 " Reafr. TkeJdre~vlea_{lznt. _ Ibid. ;. 2.; Agree- ' -~~--~-----~~--~--------------~~

- -The Contents. 2. AgrteAhlt to nature. · • · 21) 3• They Are h~cleedh1 the l11wof the m1mliers. , Ibid. Vfe. To make our lahtJur anfwerAhle to the w~rlu. zzg Do&. g. AB ftnnes /~rgiven to the humble. that for- . {11ke {i-nne. 2 54 Re~f. 1. From the truth1[ God. · 2 56 2. FromhitgooJnlj[e. 257 Vfe I. To exclude wickedme» frommerij. 2 63 2. To truft perfeEily in Gods mercy. · 2 67 3• Exhortation to be kum/;/ed. 2 7z Doet.xo. A.UcAlt~rnities fr~mjin. 279 Vfe 1 ~ To l11ke to the reot of cAlAmities. 2 8r 2. Tt-{ee fininitsowncolours. , 2~~ 3. How to remo'lletrojfes. 2·84 Doet.•u. IfJinnebenot rem1ved111 weU tttS thecr1fe, "' ' it u never re111otied inmercy. 2 87 Reaf. I. Bec~tufe fin fl wcrfe than 11111 crofTe. . 2 83 - TheLsrd doth nothing in vt~.:ne. · Ibid. Vfe. By the iJlr~B of our djjl;flions to judge ~rour e. jlate, andGods!eve tofl4. Ibid. Doel.12. 'I'11keawayji_n,andthe crolf~ 'RiiUdepart.190. Reaf. r. Be&Afl[e ero]{es come from fin. z9o 'J.. -Girlnt'()er afflillshut forou~proftf· 291 Vfe. To comfort m ~tgt~in11 ourftt~res'J that t~e crof!e wiU. ~tlw•y co11tinue. Ibid. The '1 ;

' \ ~fhe Contents. ~~~----~--------------------~ iftiijhi~~i~i=iiiinii~hii=iii~iii The Cohtcnts·of the fecond Tre~nife. • # •• D.Jct. THere ~ 4 m.:~.tch bet.weou .Chriji ~nd hi.;' Church. . ..· I ·vfe r. To Apply chr~fl kmfolfe · . ·6 2.. To per(wJde men to hke chrijl. 23 UWotive's ttfit. ' Ibid. Impedime;}ts•. . 38 -o ~!.,.,t. • "" .,. • • -~-~· ~ • t!l o .- -s-· ~ e • ~ <!l • e ~""' 1 W~ ~~iil~fl;~=""?;t;;iji(~=~~: '<Ji~~~QSijiWI~ Q.t(i The ContentsoLthe chit·d Treatife. · · / . ,_ ~ .... ' ~ ll.' . f . ~· ~ 'Do:ct. Ere~y o~/e i~a/take~h ~hrifl ougkt·to he.fub– ]dtttJhtm,andtt ubtjl forhtm• .. 76 Reaf.r. ~eiith~1 htad. . . . . · '. 78 He u a StJ,v.totJr.. .. . ,. 1 • , \ ·,t 1 · , 8'o \ ' ~ . ~ ~~ " . V[c. Exhortatl~;? to CJ)m.tto .fS.k;:ifl.' . ;·::. . r 82 . DocL chrifl is the Head 4rld S-aviotiT ofh:s church·, . andeverymember of it. , ~ 9 o Vfe I. To be obedient to 'C~rift~. ·.' .. :·,: ,: .~:, 9:~ . 2 / r 0 choo{rchriit.f~r or~r H ettd~ '.:))""' • l . I 93 3. To dran,inft'!ence fr-om him. '~ ~) ,. 9 5 4· 1How tr/knowwe are inCh.rijl.. ' . , , ··99 ·Trialsof ott-!1' fubjec1i_r;n to C~rijf. .. · : ,. 104 ' · 5•. Ta hethe glory of cbrifl. . I 33 , 6. TQ trieo.ur co;-?dition. 137 · .,

THE GOLDE ·seEP TER.· 2 C·HR 0~7·14. If mypeople which arecaUed6y my name, jha/1hum!Jie them{elvcs, ttnd pray,and [eeke myface, andturne from their ttJicked wayes : then wiOI he11re in hea– ven"~ and wiUbee mercifull to theirfinJ AndwiUheale their ltmd. wordscontaine the an– fwer Go o gave to Sal6· ·mons Praye-r~, which hee made when bee dedicated the Temple : ·His Pr~yer was,that when they pray. ed on earth , hee fbould heare in heaven·: And God ~~~~~. ~~ promifeth in the words I h~v.e read t? do a~l that S~/omonasketh : which promde conta1nes three parts. _ . · , Firjl, That hee would hea~e in-heaven, which B .phrafe l ~ .

~· - / I I ' - ~ .. ' I' 3. I - ~ . God a[llitfs hil oJPne fPeople. phrafe notes out either his p·ower, that he is able to bring to paife what he affems to doe; men are fa-id to heare on earth, becau.fethey candoe litde ; but God irt heaven ; or elfe it implies, that though hee feemes tobe farre offfrom his people, ,yea though in heaven, yet he will ·heare at Jalb · . T~ econd part is, that kJ. will par~ tlfir fins, and •. sofwt otjl~r n4ercies tncfgret or-fin hip– cl aU.s~d tblhg~, a . p alJ. evils, a rfieretore fa1tn, Ble?fid u theman, whlfe·– jin iJforgiveP : of all rtquefi:s it is the greateft that wee can make, .and of all grants .thegreate£1: that . God vouchfafeth. Thirdly, He wiOhealetheir ldnd,and remove their· affiict:ion : Now obferve theorder of-this, in that before be cloth it,he pardons their fin. Now this ,promife is .farther fet forth by two things. · Firj}, the perfons.towhom it is made.; thepeo– pleof I{rael and Iudtth; notified by two attributes; Firfi they are his ·people; ·secondly, called by his name, or on whom his nameiscalled, as thename. · of thehushAndis calledupon thewifo, or ofthe/A· ther nponthefonnes; and as they in Antioch, and we ' aKe called chrijliAns from CH 1t I s 'I'. · Secondly, thecoqd.itions this promife is made up~ on, is theLords.manner toput promifes upon conditions. 1 . · Firft, if they bee humhled, andhumble them- · fc1ves. ~ . Secondly, ifthat humiliation" bee not cqntained . within the compaifeof their brefts onelf" but ex- , prdfed

(;.od af~i8s huOJ&'ne feople. ~ p.rdfed by prayer and confeffion of fins~ ._,..,;~. ~-. • Thirdt1, if they foeke my face, feeke tobee recon- 3 dled,feeke his prefence as feparated from all things elfe, not feeking Corne, Wine, Oyle, but G 0 D ·himfelfe. - ' Fourth!J, if they. pa~t with their fi~s in ~eeki~g, . 4 for they cannot mamtame Cornmum2,n With lum elfe, for GgrJJwels in light, and he \mowalkes in . ,dttrkene{fe; c~n httve no feUow/hip with hJ1.11. And thus you have the .Analyfis of the words ; wee in handling themwill not ufe this method, but be– gin with the words as they lye, andwill obferve firll: thefe three Doetrines from thefe words. I Jf my peDple &AUedfly my Z(ame Fzrfl, God fends iliarpe afflictions on his ·owne people: this appeares by the Coher~nce,for .in the words before the text , If I fendplague, &c. then if mypeople, &c. , Secondly, that yet in them the Lord is very ten– der and full ofcompaffion tohis people; this loving .compdlatio~ [mypeople] argues as much, it is as if he fhould fay, I cannot forget you, for you are cal– led by my Name, you are mine, thc>Ugh I thus punifh you. . Thirdly, that the Lords :N:._ame is calledupcn his ,people. For the firft, the Scripture is frequent in ex– amples ofthis kind, fo as I f.hall no,t need to fiand to . name any places to you, they are fo well knowae · already. "' · . , · I come to reafons ofit, why it isfo. · ·. · . Bz . .Firfl : .. :;. 2Qbe . t ; s ikk•••• iiiiifil'i.S::Sac:::t a. z:..... =a za j 1 D1ti. ,

4 1. G_od affliEts bis owne People. Reaf.x. ' Firft; he fends fuarpe affiilt:ions on them becaufe he l<:>v-es them,they.arefuch·asbelong to him; and the ground-ofthis reaf<>n is, becaufe) !fa eft tam ex afPtJore quam exodio; Anger is as much out of love as hatred i it is a true rule though it may feeme a para– dox, becaqfc when one loves another, heedeftres much fron1 the p1rty beloved and expects-much fmm him, and therefore a crolfe and frubbonre acH.· on from fuch a one provokes more to anger, than from any other man zas from a Son, from a Friend,' from a Wife, it woundeth more ; ·and therefore . God faith<>fhimfelfe; that h·e·isajea!o!U'God: lea. loufte is a mixt affedfon oflove and anger 3 the mean. ing is, if I find my peoples affection fiealing out fromme, I am prefenHy affected, _as a jealous huf. band uferh to be in fuch a cafe, and there is no an– gerto that, nor n0ne fooner fiirred : Godwill in· dl:lrcten-times as much from another,butwhenone chat he-hath taken into covenant wi'th him, offends him, he is angry, and will therefore be fure to fend fome fuarpe afRiCtion on him, which is the fttlif of his anger, for his~nger-is not-in·vaine,. _Secondly.; hee doth itthat his Name might not hee h/4./}hemed, that was the reafon he gives, why. hec punithed DAvidwhen he committed adultery, for che Lord mull: of neceffity doe it fort heir fakes thar ftandby and lookeon, to !hew to them that he can • . not indure fuch things,-no not in his owne people. Thirdly, becaufe he hathfaid, that ne will hefan– Elifi~dofaUthat draw ntere to him, he will have them know that he is a~holy God, hating iniguity ·; and ·. 'chat none iliould draw nigh to him, but fuch as have holy.

God af~iEls /;if Gwne People. holy hf~trts, and pure bands: and rhis was the reafon why he did {,nd fire upon Cfirah, Datban~tnd.A"i- :umo~6• ram; ·The,Lordhatkfoparatedyou, Andy(;udrAW ntare tD him(elfi,fairh:Mofes ro them, and that in thenearell: mar:ner to doe fervice ~s Pridb to offer Sacrifice, and you are among theheads of t-he people, and therefore.he will not forbeare you, others that are afarre off (it .maybee) God will long and farre forbeare,. but othersthat are fanctified to the Lord, and draw ncare to him in profcffio11and in the opinion of others, and alfo fo indeed, of thofe Go·d will either bee fanttified by their bringing holy · hearts before him, or elfe he will vindicate his ho– liridfe by,punilhi£1g them, andwill not fmffer them ro go on with prophane hearts. FONrth/y, bccaufetheyare his eespleam~ngwh1m i hte·wa1/us, and with whomhe dwels, :t Csr.6. and the three lafi: verfes, and the beginning C?f thefe. venth Chapter, he isconverfant among them; But y~m will fay, ishe noteverywh~reeife-: yes, but he is there as a man i$ in his owne houfe, among his fons a·nd daughters) obferving every thing, looking narrowly to them., andbecaufehe is frill with the111, therefore bee will endure no uncleannelfe among them: thenceit was that in the Campe he Comman~ d~d everyman tocarryhis paddlewith him, when he went afide to bnry it, that no oD(ward filthinelfe might appeare, for Iw4lk-eAmun:y"u, hee didit, to ; ~ewby that whic~·is odious tous, that wee fuould . htdewhat is odious tohim, namely :69, and filthi- , 1 neffe, which caufed him toloath his houfe,to/1ath ;. · Ifrael: when 1frael was fo ·unfwept and·fo filthy, .. B 3 .. God ,

6 I God affliEts hu own~ People . . God loathed it and fo departed from ir, and fo Afa– hel came upon theni. God will bee fitre ro plow hisowne ground, whcttfoever becomes ofrhe waft, - to weede his owne G~rden, thGugh the refi: of the world fuould be let alone~ togrowwild. But you will objett and lay, that the Slints wee l ' fee, often lin,and affiLClions doe not follow. · I anfwer, it may be and cloth fall our ofceo, and the reafon is becaufe God findes his worke done to his hand. If they plow themfelvesup, .God will not, but ifwedoitby halves (as that is-our fault we leave many balkes behinde us) then God alwaies comes with afflittions, yet then the lef{e that you leave behind unplowed, the ldfe will God afflict · · you: if yo1:1 humble your [elves throughly, you . fuaU-eiCape;,except.0nly in t-he cafe of fcandall,aod then God mufi: needs do it for their fakes that looke o.n,-as in D.cvid, God would haveall the world fee : , his punHhment on him, as well as they knew of his finne, but this comfort you may have thoughyou have greatly finned, (if net fcandaloufly) that humhle yoLtr felvc:s .throughly, and you thall e- . fcape. •·. · Learne(rom.ltence to feare th~ Lord, ·to tremble Y/(.;,- .at nis 'words, a:nd.feeinghe will en.dLh:e)f\0uadean. Q.elfe in his owne people, fl.cnd in aw,-.snJ fin not.: 1 labour to .bring your hearts to fudh aconfii:ution, ,, to fuch an awful~ ·re~ptl.Cl as. to fear:e ·to om!t .any /' . · good.duty, or comtlillt thel~a~ finne, :and rh1s had , · ne-ed t.obeurged upon.-you,- for it is·t:he c.aufe .ofalli thlt laxiture .and loofeneLfe· in onr profe11ion, that wed9Cnot feare the Lol'4a~·we fuould. ·If we :ha~ · the

God af~iEts hu·o,ne People. 7 the feareof the Lord before our eyes (as the Apo· files fpeakes Rom.3.} that is,ifwe faw the Lord fo as eo feare him,we lhould walkewarilyand look how, .and where wee fet every ftep, and the reafon why you are fo unevenand notlike your felves, 'is from want of the feare of the Lord : Now the reafon of that pbrafe of the .ApofUe that thefeare o[Godis {aid to bee before your eyes is from the nature of feare, Tim~r figit oculum, as if aman bee bufieabout any thing,if there beany thing that he feares,he wilJHil have an eye to that, and he watcheth leaft it lhould come with fome by blow, when ht thinks.not ofit, and fo doth the feare ofthe Lord worke where it i~, · it fafineth o1;1r eyes on him :And ifthe Lord were thus before our eyes to feare him, it would make us walke more evenly aed more conllandy withhim. And therefore when the holy Ghofi in Scripture would chufe to commend aman, he fingles out this propertie, efpecially of fearing God, as that I~!J ,was an tqrlght mttnfittring God, and fo [peaking of 1 cornelitu, it is faid that hee wa~, 4 jtljlm4n fearing God, and,fo .A.brAht~m when hee would exprelfe the. wickedneffeof the Courtof .Abimeltch, hefayes, the(et~re D{the Lord is not in thisplt~ce, that is, there is ao religion nor good men, God is not regarded the; re, and themore feare, the lelfe fin,jlarulin ttwe ~ d fi Pial. 4 ~ "" . nt~e not . . If aman fl:and in awe ofthe Lord he would be afraid ofev~ry fin, hewould be afraid of vaine thoughts, tobee vaine inhls fpeeches and to give way to the Ieaft wickednelfe, afraid of every · . 1 inordinate afteClion, hee would be afraid howhee fp~ntthe timefrom morning till night, and · . \ :,c." ,. · B 4 g1ve ..

8 <' - . - God affliEJf buowne Peop?e. give an account thereof; afraid of recre:uions,·leafi he fhould 1L:epe too much, or lleepe·too link; eate too.much, or eate too little, as knowing all is but to whet the fiche remake him the fitter for his harvefl: worke, and therefore would be afr;~id to forbeare refre01mems too much orro ufe themroolittle. I befeech you therefore that are in Covenant wich the Lo rd,and neareft to, that ,know your [elves t?-. bee within the Covenant, to confider this-and le.arne to fea re. ,And to helpe you in this,take tw9 places of Scripture, 1 Pet. I. 7· Ifyeu c~li '"the FA– t her whojudgethw#hortt rej)ell ofper(Dns, ac&ording to . every mam worke, p4fe the timeof 1our{ojourning here in feare; that is, feeing you have fuchaFather that j udgech every perfon,. all hi~ - c;:hildren,,, he.will cer– tainely _. affi:~ you ~ ifyou offend him,; Therefore fearetodoit. Theother is~ Heb.I"J..'J.8,'l9• ·Letm ferve hjm with aUreverenceandgodly feare, for evm lur .Godil acon(umingfire,[our God] whomw~ wor– !hip. is not m·ade all of mercy, he bathmher Attri– butes j;>yned with them, ttJ.1DIJ.he is Jt con[Hmingfire; If'youwill not fcrve him with feare,though not im– mediately to .confume you utterly, yet to affliCt you, and thereby to confume youduUs; .foas it is a dang~rous thing to be_negligent ofhim, to meddle with him,who is a. confumingJire. HJw flurply did God deale with DavM; ·who . was_yet nearer him than any of us ; firfr he tooke a– way tpechild from him,\whrch to him was aflurpe ~fHi~ion, he being atender.:Father, and hada.,firong affe?t~on to his life; as app~_ares by hisJaftings, and ·· the like ·bee had ro A-b[olor~ ., who yet wa~~~li·~bell ·againfi

Go& affli8s hi-s o'il7ne People-~ 9 againfr-~ him;and then to have almofl: all the people ' to fall froni him, when he was an old King, to have Concubines abufed fo openly, and che fword ne• ver to depart from his houfe ; all thefe fate clofetO . him, went neare his foule; befides his !lume,to have ,...~-- '"--~- ·· _,.,..- his fin difcovered to all the world, as appeares by · ·Pfol; 5-I •. Have not wee caufe then to fpend ou~time in fear", if hee dealt thus with David~and doe nor fay,tha't though he dealt thus wtth D:tvidoff~nding of ·him, that yet hewill n";)tdoc thus withme, for is he·not a F~ttherthat judgeth 11Uhis fonnes, an-d that without re(pei1 ofperfons, as the Apoffltfaith ~ - ·con. ftder alfo what he did to J,tcob andRebecca for con– fulting and agreeing to get the bleffiag by a lye, for though the thing £bee went about WJs goodand1 they had awarrant for ir, and their end was good; yet they ·ufed ill meanes (a lye ). Bat G o r> mec with thtlmbotJl for ir, .Ja"·ob was therefdre put to:live twenty yeares from··his Mothers houfe (whereas hefhoutdhave fl:aid Gods leifure, and noc have beene too hafiy for the accornpliilim.ent o( thatpromife,for he that beiieveth doth t:ot makehafte: ~ I 4 , ~ and fo God promifeth riches and all good things tethis'Children, as much as theycan defire, b:1t they _mufi not make hafre,that is their fault) and when he was cotnmitlg home againe, what a feare was hee put to fromE{au; thatlyeof his beingrhe caufe of their falling out! and how did Rebeccaalfo for all that while want thecomfort ofa fonne·fhee loved, andhad none to live with but Efau .-:·-And fo c.Mofei was clearer to ,God than any man upon earth, hec neverfpake:with any face to face as witlihirri, yet h it ~- ~--------------------~~~-- ~- ~- ~-e~~---~ - . _,oc. ,.. '>

10 God affti8s hu oume People. ------: he would have ilaine him in the Inne, for noc cir– cumdfiog his Child, and alfo becaufe of that other fin at the waters of M erihr~~ he chufeth an affiiction for ·him, wherein he moft of all croffedl1is deftres denying him to goe into the Land,ic may bee fome [mall afRiction in fhew as this feemed to be, which yet pincheth forely, and fame great af– fliction on the contrary in bulke to others,that is nof fo to him that beares it; And thus healfo deales withEti., a zealous nun (would any ofus were foin thefe dayes) -for when newes was brought that his fonnes were dead, and many ofthep~ople flaine, he ' was not fo much troubled at that, as that the Arke · of the Lord was taken, and thjs amazed him fo as that he fell backward and brake his-necke: you fee the holinelfe of th;e man, yet becaufe he had prefer- , red his fonnes before the Lord~ did not gov~rne them well, God did not onely thus take away his life, and ofhis fonnes, but the Priefthoodalfo from his houfe for ever, and have not wee a.ll caufe to ., feare then-: How did hee deale with thegood Pro- . phet that was flaine byaLion, his f~ult that he be– leeved another mans word, pretending thlt he had Gods Word, when hee had Gods Word exprefiy given tohimfelfe, this finne was as the fin of Eve who beleeved the Divels word, when iliehadGPds Word exprefiy, and therefore let us whenwe have the Word of the Lord fiicke clofe to it. And fo , however hee deale wich Gidto» a worthy man . reckoned up among thofe wortqies, Hefl. 1 i. yet . whenhe made aaEphod,feewhatjudgemendel upon his children, IuJg. 9· and ;Ill his houfe was cut off. · Thefe

GoJ. affii8s hi-1 ol1ne rJ?eople. Thefe examplesare uflfull for you roconfider, that you might know and feare the ~ord, and the want ofchis is the caufe ofthis remiflne!fe and loof. ne!fe io our profeffion, and that we doe not fo con· ftder our waies. · Saint Paul was an holyman, and one that fl:ood iuneere term9s wich le[mChrift, yet feared exceedingIy, ~ Cor. 5. Wee knowing tht ter. rour ofthe Lordper{wt~de men ~ And Io·b that-~wasve– ry exaa: inhis life,whichappeares by tge 31. Chap. which Chapter is nothing elfe but an expreffion of the manmer of his ca~riage, which was very exact, verfe z3· hegiv~s th~s as a reafon, the punif!Jmmts ofthe LordwlreaterrdHr to me, and fo in the z. verfe t~e reafonwhyhe would .not give liberty to his eys to .looke on a Maid, was for that hec conlideied, I whatporti1n the-n {ht~fl I with the Almig~fy? and I this feareofthe Lord is needfull at this time, when · God hath difcovered himfelfe to be angry with the ~ Land; which is not onely for the groffe Gnnes ot wicked ·,men, but the ftnnes ofthe"Saintsa'lfo ; It is yourcoldnelfe, remiffenelfeand laxirude. I have two grounds for it, firft in the Revel.1.. becaufeEphe[ru Wdl- faUen from herftrjl lo'l1t; thereforeihe would re· m1v.eher C41Jdlefti~e;' th~t is, the whole Church a- , mong them, carry them into Captivity, for I can– not fee by the Ct~ndtefficke how only the MiniA:ery ' lhould be ment ;and foiin •the Rev.3. becanfe Laodi~ l &u wp:ne#her hotnorcold; therforewill I fpue them I out-ofmymout'h, Godwould endure them·no1on· ~ 1_I j, .ger, and· therefore you·~hatthlnke' yourefiates the befi,- even you-have.had a hand in this pl~igue, you I' thinke that,other mens iinnes, the finnes of wicked men

' 11 God affli8s his oume Peoplt. men are the caufe of it, bur God he knoweth, nhat they.cannot pray and have no life in them, as you have~ and though.their iinnes alfo be acaufe~ and a , m1ineca-qfe, as app·eares by the <..Amorites, who[e Gnncs when full, God puniihed ; yet I fay they are yours alfo :'-And therefore, when thereisan evident iigne, that God hath- a controverfie with a King– dome and the Churches, and a.ligne of his wrath is proclamed from heaven, tnen every man mufi: doe fomething; nowfeare the Lord,bazealous, repent and.doeyour firfi: workes, begin now to.mend your pace to heaven: and yet would ondy there were a want of zcale among you, yaa is it not,·ifi·difgrace, · is not azealous man hooted ar, as an Owleamong us~ this place, the excellency of it is exceedingly a– bai:ed and eclipfed, the .zeale of it is withered, the Lord is departed from us; Iearne tobee more zea– lous, and God will rerurne and caufe you to flourifh againe ; for when Cod lookes uponapeople, it is 'with them as with the earth in fpring time, and when hee departs from them, they are as withered trees in. winter, a.nd where now is the.zealeof for– mer times, the Communion of Saints,, the hea~ing and whetting of one another, by~utuall exhorta– tions,; .where is the boldneffe for the Lord'? ThGfe holy prayers, thofe former ttmes aregone, the light of thofe times remaine, but not the hearc:, as alfo if wee 1ooke backe upon that·•Gener.ation of.QQeene 'Eli~a6e.t.h; how~rewe changed! theyw~rezealous, , but'here is another generation .come in their .'roome, that is dead, and cold, and yet we have their light, but ignis qt~J in illil ea/id!#, in n1hil Jucidf!J l411tttm. -' But,

God affliEls his oume People.: f 13 ------------~----~- But, I befeech you, that you would now begin to ll:irre up your felves,efpecially in thefe times offaft– ing, when there mull: bee an extraordinary renew– ing of a mans covenant with God, that you would not now be focold,and fo dilute as you have beene; and fce'ing youhav~that you would have, anu· ~ave _deftred-long publike dayes of humiliation, th:tt you would labour to fpend them with all care and dili– gence and quickndfe of fpit·ir, and to confider that the maine is ·tobee done at horne with your felves, for the end ofthefe dayes is, that you maybehum· bled, which you will nev~r bee, till you confi<Ier .your particular finnes, get up eady in the morning, .for then your fph·its are quicke,and fo-you will have a loflg time before you come to the congregation; and get you all that white alone, and-confider your. particular finnes, and the holy duties you negleCt, and renew·your repentance, and enter intocovenant; and then whenyou come hithe-r you fhaU ·finde the word to ·have another·man.nerofworking upon you than it hath ordinarily. - : IfGod be thus ready to punilh his own children, . and that'thus fharpdy, it fhewes the finneof thofe r{e 2 ..- that are feareletre and carel\tfeJ whichprovoketh ··GodexceedingIy, Ztteh·4· I 5. I am'Very fore dif- - ,pleafed with the cttrelejfe heathen, the heathens bad finnes enow· bdides to anger ·the ,Lord, yet this finne did it above other -finnes, and it is l)ot to bee wondred at that it fhould,for it is arulein Philcfo · r-pby, and mofl: true, that of all thing's that wl1ich k provoketh aman moll:, is contempt, it1 fo much that ./ ·:· 1 ·':' theonely caufe ofanger,thou~h l ,. - _ therem ~ -~--------~----~----~----~~~---------

11 11" . I \I 'I I I I ') ' it 14 God affliEts his ownt fl'eople. therein he is de~eived, yet it is the maine_; we ufe to faymm refpondereprs con.vitio eft, it is a figne ofcon· tempt not to anfwer againe, as when a man ischid- · den and firicken~ & r!Mre(ptmden t-o goe by,asifhee tooke no notice ofit at Gods hand,this is contempt. , And thus a Father whenhe is angry with his fon, or a Mafier with his fervant, how hainoully dothbee take it! And fo God who now bath difcovered his wrath to the whole Land , and to every particular man in it, this negleCt: of him will caufe his wrath to wax hot, but yetforthe land in gene- · rall weeh~vecaufe to hope that his wrath doth not fo, but that God takes it well at our hands, that we . arc thus publickly atfcmbled : but let mee fay this , taough, to every partic::u~ar ~an, though God [pare the Kingdome, yet if thou neglect him and bee carelelfe, it will goe the worfe with thee how– ever~ In the 50. Pfolme when hee hadexpre:lfed great threatnings in the former verfes; hee con– cludes with this , Co!'fider this, 0 allyu th111 forget God ! you that minde him not , leafl hee te11reyou in peeces, and there'hee none t9 deliveryou : and fo in the Prophet 1eremy ~. u, I 3, r4. verfes , becaufe you fay thAt his wordrArebut wintle, they jhaUhe 114 fire, and 1ou 114 Jrie wood, andtheyjba/l devoNreyQH. This is the great fault ofmen, that they are ready to feare things which they fhould not feare, the creatures, poverty and difcredit, but are backward to feare the Lord. · God fayes of the Church Re'TJ.:.r:. Feare not the things thou foalt foffer; wha.t all the world feares, . that doe not you feare , feare noe the things you {hall

lhall fuft"er, thofe things you ought not to feare, but feare thofe things you fhould doe, and a· fraid of them , leall: hee fh Ju ld provoke God in them~ Andlo Chrill:faith, feare not men, no,· not th1(e thAt have porrerof life anddeath(if wee lhould , feare any, it lhould be them) remember that was the , commendation of Mo{es, hee fu.rtdnot thewrtttbif · ·Ph11r.cfJh; when you place your feare thus amilfe:, it becomes a fnare to you ; for it makes your hearts · bufieupon thecreatures, when they ought.tobe fet upon the Lord; but when your feare is placed upon God, it doth exceedingly helpe you; nothing more: . to give youan inll:ance or two ? you ihaU finde ~Javid exceedingly ll:rucke with the feare of the Lord, whenZiglagw*s burnt; no accident ever fo.~mazed· 1 him : when hee fledbefore Ab{olan~hee'bore it much ! better,yet thatfeare helped al,for it fet him a.worke i to pray; [olehofbaphats feare did al[o helpe him, . . when he heard of agreat Army comming againfi . . him,it fet him onworketo pray,and fo turned away . l the Iudgement: and ·therefore things that yon fo , I feare, when your feare is placed on God, feldome1 come to pa{fe,forthat fets·men on worke to prevem them, whereas eviH feare brings the.thing with it.' S4ul feared the Armies ohhePhiliftines exceeding– ly, that made him feeke to the Wicch, and this · wrought his overthrow which hee feared: [o Iero– ~oam feared thdoffe ofhis Kingdome,and that fea~;e .made him fet up rhe Calves which ,loft him his Kingdome ·indeed ; Iearne therefore to fear.e the Lord: nothing brings a Iudgement fo much as th ..e ' want of feare,fecuricy is the next Joore to l Iudge-. mem. 1)

16 :· . God afjlifls hi4 owne Pe6ple. - mem. Lachijh was a fC!cure-people, and when the Army ca)neagainfl: them,: th.~y and t~cir City fe.ll as P!ggs-from a--tree that arenpe, fo'did the:y fall m their enemies mouths, fecurity is a fore-runner to ' every mans Iudgement, Efly66.z. Tohimthatfeares mee,faith God, and tremhles at my words, tohim-wi/J I looke to k~epe him [aft; if not, I will neglect: him as much as hee mee, 1will have noeye to fave him, as hee bath no eye to mee to caufe him to fe~re and tremble. But'youwil fay,how may I bring my heart to feare the_Lord '! Ianfwer, firft pray tocheLord to llrike your hearts with a feare of him., it is the the worke of God to bring the feareofhimfelfe up· on.l!s, for it i~ hee that brings the feare of one man upon another, heebrought afeareupon all the Na– tions ofthe Land, when thepeopleoflfraelentered Canaan, much more the feare ofhimfelfe, for the affections are fuch things as the Lord onely can meddle with, and therefore the Apofile faith, rou are t~tught efthe Lord tD, love_one -another. · It mufthe r.he ,Lord, thatmufr pur infuch an affe– ction into you, for his teaching is planting the affe– ctions, and fo he is faid tb teach other~reatures, rhat is , to 'give this or that inclination, a11dfo the Lord is faid tofafbion the hearts ofmen;and then they cannot chtlfe but feare him : therefore goe ro the Lord, and fay, Lord -I am not able to feare thee.: and fay, Lord thou ~afipromifed to give the Holy Ghqll: to thofe that aske·it of thee, that workerh e .. very grace : if you would feekc ·him fo, and hilll importunately, though you had the fecurefi hardell: heart of any in the world, bee would at · length

Got!. a(ftiEls bis oume PeaplC. ' lengthteachyourofelrehim. fer. 40. Iwillpl"nt my {eAre inyet~r hearts , that they [hall nDt dtp.crt ftom fJie. Thus you fee that God rakes the doing of rh is ro himfelfe,it mull: be of his planting, and.hee hath promit'ed alfo you fee to doe it. This is not all, .but there isfomething wee)mufi doeourfelves• · Therefore fecond1y, obferve the Lords dealing with his, learne to know him in his wayes, and that wil be a meanes to caufe thee to.feare him :ifany of his children finne , henever lets them goe, for then · fhould they thrive in evill, and profper in finne; but if they will bee medling, they fl1all beefure to finde fome bitterneffe in the end. When a mans · heart is fet uponth~creatJJres, there being thorn~es in them all , and thereforeif hee will grafpe coo much-ofthem~ortoehard; hee iliall findeit: Gods children are trained up fo toit, that Gocl will not . let them goe away with a finne; if they bee too a. du1terouQy affeeted, they iliall finde a.croffe infwc·h athing: you ·may obferve this, in the 3o Pfalme 3 there you may fee the circle God goes in with his : children; DaviJhad many affiidions, as appeareth bythe5verf~,Icryed, Anel thtn Goareturnedto me,And j61 came: what d1d Davidthen'? IfoiJ inmy heart, 1 fbaU neverbee rtm1~ved: his heart grewwanton, ,but God would not let himgoeaway fo, Godturne.J 11 . ·, wtty hidftt&e againe, ttndI wM troubled. At the 7 verfe · hee is you fee, in trouble againe, well, Davidcryes againe, at-the 8 and 1 overfes, and then God turned hiJmo11rning into joy ttgt~ine. ·And this to be.his dea ling, you fuaUfinde it in all the Scriptures, but be;. C _ caufe 17 J J '

t8 God afftiEfs his owne rpe~ple:. caufe we Rnd this his dealing fet fo clofe together in this P{alme, therefore Iname it. Therefore obferve the waycs of the Lord to you, aGd they t_hat are not acquainted_with thcfe his \Vayes , as. yer in · .themfelves,fee wh;, t he hach done to othe rsinal the world; in our neighbour Churches: when hee. had ' given a bill of divorce to I{r4et, yet Iudah had not Jeared:now when Godhath fhucken ourneighbour I Churches, doeyou thinke he. will take ie well, 1f. we be idle[peCl:ators':'- therefore whenhe haeh lhic- . en another place, Iearne to feare•.. If hee ~ffiiGtSthis ownechildren.thus tbarply_, tet them looke to themfelves, that aren'ot his ;.whether · theyb:cgro!fe fil)ners ·J p:rophane perfons,of whom. · there is no q_uefiion ;. or mcre civill men, .and for– mal profe!fors, in whom there is no power ofgrace: ifheebee thushot again(t his owne Church, his an· ger will bee feven,times·hotter againfi you: it m:1y bee Long_er deferred'as hismanner is , yet when bee !hikes hee wiU fl:rike you in the roote , not in the branches; and that fo as he will not Strikt tht (econd timt : Confider that in the 5o P{alme , that he wiN . ·tear.e ypu i?JpeueJ; and you th.a.tareprop,hane ones, : let mec fay toyou, as I Cor 1 o.lz..• Dot yeu provoke ' tht,Lort/toAnger~ Are you jlronger thanhte,? Thofe - 1 that lye in open prophanenes, and doe fight ·openly ?gainfi the Loid, and have not fo·much as a {hew of turning ;:you and thofe that-are meerelycivill, and yet lye in fecret Gnnes; that yet are in ht'alrh, wealth and credit in the world ~ it is a fig ne that · God me;mes ·them nogood, hete would not.!et his-· 0wne Garden goe fo lo!!lg unplowed. And

--------------------------------~------~ God af~iEls bis owntf'eople. - And in the fecond place fur proferors , that doe _not anfwer their profdlion in their lives, take heed, or hee t-hAt iJ not withmee ;s ~tgainft mee; it may bee 1 chou art no enemie, not very ltirring fn any evill ·i ' 19 way , but becaufe thou art not with God ingood . ·1 earoeft:, becaufcyour hearts are ·not perfect l at the ' l.afi day you will be found agair1!l: him, C H a 1 s T , will come againfi you in goodearnefi as an enemie; - and whereas aUyour hope Iyes, that God is merci– full and CH ft 1 s T a Saviour, learr:eto know that , this le{m, whom you hope ro bee faved by , will · prove the lharpell: enemie again!l: you, K ijfe tkt Son 1 IeO hee Gee 1mgr1: th~Sonne may bee angry, as hee who ipRevel. z. h~tth hueyes likeajiAmt offire , and . his futt ltfe .finebrlljfoto tread you to powder; bee lhall comBagainfi you that are formall: and know, that Iefus Chrill: is not onely a Saviour, but a Lord; - "' that he ca,me into the world to be a Prince, and·the gBvtrnment j6 upon hu fh9plders; you forget that part ofhis offic~,hiilftheend for which Chriitcame in– eo the world, and ifyou would know what kind of Governor he is.Ex.23.2 1 .JwilfmdmyangelwfthyDf! (faith God) that is Chrifi, Gewau ofhim>Andoley hu v1yce,&provoke ltimmt-,formyname i4 in him .. he is pf the fame fpiritand difpoficionwithhis Farher, and) · th~y are both alike affected to finne;beware .ofhim, he goes along with you, and he will not fpareyou, · fortheLord hath ·put a1 the government upon him. Let ir not feeme firange, that he hath or lhould r{e4• deale thus wi~h his Churches abroad; what though the -Candlelhckehe removed but of the p,cJ4tin~tte, becaufe they were.luke-warme, an'!falnefrom thtir .. C 2 • firfl . ...._

20 Gods [ompa[Sion, to bupeople inaffliCtion. firft love? wh:n if he iliould doe it in France ?\•what if in England,? in the Low. co1#Jtries ? lhould it feeme £\rang~ to us ~ . It is His.manner fo todoe j Hee re– moved Iu.dAh and Itm{alem often out of their pL·· ces; .wee lhould not b:e offended at it, ifhce doth;, ~· or.ifhee fhould doe: thus wich us,·as thinking that it is a fig ne th:lt ouroreligion is not the true religion ·, and that hee do.:h not lovehis Churches; yes rhofe hee loves mofl:. hee foonefl affiicrs, for Ir~dgt1?1tlit mu.ft hegin at the bou[e ofGod, that is, hee Iookes on all che world, as on Enrope now, and where befeerh his houfe is) there he·e beginneth·with them; for,hee is to u[e others toaffiict them; and therefore he be– ginneswith th.:m firfl:. Amor. z.z. ToN ·hAve I knowne of.all the Natiom, therefore wiO I ajjltfl yrm foonefi and frequent lieCl:, -though not tnore deeply than o· thers; .fur though the Church be~ brought under water, yet ihee f1ull rife ag<Jine. l fpeeke this, be– caufe men are beoffended -at it, And Bel– tarmine l rC'member, makes that anargument, that rhcirs is the Cburch..;becaufe they httve hi d fo m:1ny vietoric:s ag+Iinfi the Proreflan:s., anJ our-· <2hvlrch 1 bath bin ever ~ndanon downe, but by that argu;. ment the cap:iviry f11ould not have Hglued upon lud~~.h·s, buwponNebuchadmz.zars people. D [J The fecond DoCi.rine was, thJt fhotJgh God(end . 0 · 2 • very j1Mrpe afft,c1iuns upon his ownepeople, yet therein hi! .kindmf!e and comp4]fto.rJs are .excerding great to– wards. them .: he cals them you fee here, my people, : as if he i11ould have faid, . you are mhe, and I can. n0· forger you ;-a n1an loves that which is hi-; owne, much more GodJ· who is all Jove. And this ~Do chine

Gods ,[ompJ]Sion, to f,,i.J .peoplei~ afjliftion. 11 chine had need to bee added to the former. Now the reafons and demonfirations of t.his . are thr~e. _ Becaufe he i$exceeding flow to afiLet, and~,,x~ 1 • ceeding long about ir, ere he do'6 begin, and there. fore he makes many o~ers ~funbefore h~ doe~ it, 1 as one that co~ald finde m hts heart not to doe It at _all. Pfll. 78. 38. It is faid, beebeingfull ofcflmpaf fiotJ f~rgavt theirilliqnity, yeA mAnyatime dui hucAll b~tcke hu anger: when his band wa·s up,and he gi– ving the blowe, heecalled it backeagaine, as one that could not finde inhis heart todoe it; arid when bee did it , hee did n8t flirre "P tt!l hil wrath; bee let fall fome droppes of it , but would not lhed the whole fhower of it ; and bee give~h the reafonof both, for they Are but ftefh; and indeedhis primary {cope is to fhew mercy, and that heeaffiiets, isbut upon occafion ; and therefore bee is provokee , and provoked much before hee cloth it ; As theBee to gi\'e bony, itis narurall to ir, but it !Hogs but by oc– cafion when it is provo_-ked; and this wee feetobee x ' true in GoD by experience, who fuffers men, and . ·· futfers them long, they continue i_n their .finn"s, and . yet hee continues his mercies, and with-holdshis , Judgements. . His compaffion is iliewn in fufieyning them in their affiiet~ons,and ifl helpingth~m in :the mid'fi of -I ~ them,Damel 11. 33• 3.4· whenhtspeoplejhou/dfa/1 by theSw~rd,Andby thejlame &c. it is faid they fhoutd beeholpen with A little htlpe, tharis,fomuch ,as would · (ufiaine them , beare them up : the ·like wrehave ',. Za&h.13. 9· 1 will bring athirdpartthroNghthefirt, t· _ - C 3 · and . ·

..;. , , 11. . ' God's [ompaflion,to bis pe&ple in affli8ion, - ~ and rhey llull come out refined,as Gold and Silver I is -refined, loofe nothing but their droffe, fo as hee , would fufi:aine them, hold them up. And thi~ hee ' cloth by doing of two things, 1 by moderating their affiittion , · 1 by fo framing and £1lhioning \ their hearrs , fo as they 1hall bee ablet?~~ar~them. 1 Hee moderates them; they are Sttll "tnme4/i1re, : artd not beyond their firtngth, Revel. ·2:. to. faith ChrifttotheChurchof Smyr~:aa, Fearenone.o(t'/iofe things which thou {halt foffer ;'behold Sath~njlutll cafl fome if you itJto prifon, that yo!lmay flee tri(d, and JOIS Jha!i have trjbulationsten d~yet .· as if hee Thould ·have faid,I wil fuoderate this p·erfecution,lnd-do meafure out the t im/eto you, but ten clayes and no·more; and therefore-feare not:fo as you lhall nt>t'have fo much as Sathan would , for hee would never give over; nor fo little as ·you would, fonhen youlhouldnot :be afllid:ed at all. If youaske now.whatit iseobe affiiet:ed ~ in rneafure ~ I anfwer, ifnfflltl:ionslye[o .ppon his chilaren·as· to ~a:ufe th'eni;'to put fc5tth their hands to wickedhcffe, then it is 'above meafure, but if fo ·as they ·never fret nor faint under it, it is no_t: npw·he harhpromifed,tpat'he wil fo accommodate afHidions, as they thall notworkc fti\~irh his peo– ple, Pfalm.I25. 3· T.he rodQ{ the wickecl' fh4Unptdfl Docl. 2 upon the lot oftherighteous, leaf/ hu;utforth hiJ jhand w it1iquity 5 it fball ·not long as to.caufe a dif– temper in the fpirit ofthem , fo ,as they lhould not car'ry them!elves 'in .,a rneel(e manner under it : I 1 'meane not fo' but that ;at the fidl: it m1y caufea buftHng·iri ~heir fpi rits, as it did in lub,,vheri it grew 1 ihat-pe; an·d hee fpake unadvifet1iy, yet hot a fub 1 L ~ _, ilandall , . .

- - - ' God's ( ompa[Sion-,to his people in afftiClifJn; 1.3 - ftantiall difquiet, heecame to himfelfe{lgJine. To this pwrpofe let the Pfolme 129. 3,4-. beecompar(ld wirh the former; G o D compares there the afllCl:– ers ofhis people topl~wersfit to plow his ground 1 (the BAhylonians and all the other ene~ies were but _Gods plowers) now they fbould not doe it, a_s to doe themanyhurt, no more than fbr his advantage ~ and hisChurches, they lhouldnot goe a foote fur– - rher, for thenGod cuts their ciJrds info11derl and.w.hen the traces are cut, then the plow fiands fiill~goes l· i , not a jot further, let the horfcs doe what they wiU.: . . i ~ The fecond ~ayoffuftaining them is, ittth~.rpe, .: ·. · -i ,'' , fo fafhioneth thetr hearts, as they fhall be able we:W - to beare it.; and then though it be great, ifthey h~_ve · , firength tobeare it, it is the Ielfe ; Agreat burthen · .·. · on·a ltrongmans ihoulders, is no more than a fmall one onaweake mans. Wee oft wonder that G o D lho1.1ld .Jay fo great affiiCt:ions on his children, but ..... ' wee doe not fee their inward firength and ability they have tobe.are them. -.. _ .... . Now firft he faihioneth their hearts to pray, and Jt , not to murmurc, alld the greatefi affiietion it is no. ·· thing ifthcy can but pray; in R1m.8.26. that is one comfort brought in among the refr, that fweetneth our affiietions, that the Spirit helpeth our i11jirmilies, and teacheth us topray• .He frameth their hearts to rep~nt, and that they ~ thould not ftnne againfr him , anel if ftnne beenot mingledwith an affiiction, it is not bitter, if agood confcience bee joyned with it: for then it is heavie, when it falls upon t~e lhoulder out of joym, or up- · on the fore place, arid thereforeS. Pttttl he carednot· . C 4 for, ' f > • . ' . r

24 _ \ Gods [ompa(lion, to hispeople in affli8ion. l tor death or the prifon, becaufe hee had a cleare con(cience, all his-affliCtions were nothing: to-him, for hee bare them with a whole flnulder ; finne . wound'; the fo·Jle, .and' then affiict:ion dropped·, caufet~ fma.rt. : : Hee frames their hearts to plrience:, and fo that .3· keepes their fpiric whole, [o as they poffe{fe their foules, and themfelves : as on tha contrary impa~ tienee takes the foule off the hinges, puts it out of ·it fdfe : buc whileft a mans fpiric is.H:rong and it felfe, it will beare i'rs infirmities, but when impa. · tienr, it will beare nothing ; when thereforeaffii. Ctions are thus mingled with prayers, and repcn· cance,and agood conlcience and patience, it is-eafie eo beare the[ll;, and it is G.:>d mingles their cup thus. And as Chrifr faid, -fh~/1' not I drinke of the Cup whi&h my- F~tther hath~JJJgled ? alt40blg.h.the-cup·' bebitter, yenhe ingredients he put~· in it, makes ic fweete, Godmingles acup ta:_them.ih another man· , ner ~e &~~maRQ roothers ; See how hee mingled a l aup to v!'hitophel, ic was no great thing in it felfe,it ~~ Was hut that difpar~geme~t in the rejeC!ion of his I . counfell, yet fucl-1 an mgredtent was put m, fuch an ·i apprehen£i0nby Gods ~rovidence(fortho'Jgh God ! was not the author of 1t, yet he,uffered Sathan to I doe ic) as th1t it brake his heart,ao..d be haHged him– ! felfe. ·See the contrarY_ in Da'f!i~, when Ziglagw'as ! burnt>a great and [uddame affitchon, yet hee bare it well, for he had comforr from the Lord-, an ingrc· diem with it which encouragedhim in God; and fo · when he £kd beforeAbf"lombis own fonrie., agreat and bitter afRiCtion, yet he bareit with fuch,a,mind, as