Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

ON HOSEA XIV.- VERSES 2, 3. 127 of this nature, (as Benhadad's servants did, 1 Kings xx. 33.) and make use of it to do us mischief. David had been free from some of his greatest troubles if he had not relented towards Absalom, and called him home from banishment. He no sooner kissed Absa- lom, but Absalom courted and kissed the people to steal their hearts away from him. As there are in points of faith fundamental articles, so there are in points of practice fundamental duties. And amongst them none more primary and essential unto true christians than self - denial, Matt. xvi. 24. and this is one special part and branch of self - denial, to keep ourselves from our own iniquity ; and to say to our most costly and darling lusts, get ye hence ; Asshur away, idols away ; I will rather be fatherless than rely upon such helpers.