Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

138 FOURTH SERMON that repentance which shaketh off confidence in idols, doth not only convert a man unto God, but unto himself it is not only an impious, but a sottish thing, and below the reason of a man first to make a thing and then to worship it, to expect safety from that which did receive being from himself, Isa. xlvi. 6, 7. These are the three great props of carnal confidence, foreign interests, domestic treasures, superstitious devotions ; when men please themselves in the children of strangers, and have their land full of silver and gold, and treasures, full of horses and chariots, and full of idols ; hoard up provisions and preparations of their own, comply with the enemies of God abroad, and corrupt the worship of God at home, Isa. ii. 6 -8. These are the things for which God threateneth ter- ribly to shake the earth, and to bring down, and to make low the loftiness of man, if he do not (as Ephraim here by long and sad experience doth) peni- tently renounce and abjure them all. And now this is matter for which all of us may be humbled. There is no sin more usual amongst men than carnal confidence, to lean on our own wisdom, or wealth, or power, or supplies from others ; to deify counsels, and armies, or horses, and treasures, and to let our hearts rise or fall, sink or bear up within us, according as the creature is helpful or useless, nearer or farther from us : as if God were not a God afar off as well as near at hand. This we may justly fear God has visited, and still will visit us for, because we do not sanctify the Lord of hosts himself in our hearts, to make him our fear and our defence, and that he will blow upon all such counsels and preparations as carnal confidence doth deify. Therefore we must be exhorted to take offour hopes and fears from second causes, not to glory in an arm