Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

ON HOSEA XIV.- VERSES 3, 4. 143 in the coldest weather. God delights to be seen in the mount, at the grave, to have his way in the sea,, and his paths in the deep waters. Mercies are never so sweet as when they are seasonable, and never so seasonable as in the very turning and critical point, when misery weighs down, and nothing but mercy turns the scale. This teacheth us how to fit ourselves for the mercy of God, namely, to find ourselves destitute of all in- ward or outward comforts, and to seek for it only there : beggars do not put on scarlet but rags to pre- vail with men for relief as Benhadad's servants put on ropes when they would beg mercy of the king of Israel. In a shipwreck a man will not load him with money, chains, treasure, rich apparel ; but commit himself to the sea naked, and esteem it mercy enough to have one poor plank to carry him to the shore. It is not exaltation enough unto Joseph, except he be taken out of a prison unto honour. Neither should we be broken with diffidence or distrust in times of trouble, but remember it is the condition of the church to be an orphan. It is the way whereby Moses came to be the son of Pharaoh's daughter ; when his own parents durst not own him, the mercy of a princess found him out to advance him ; and when he was nearest unto perishing, he was nearest unto honour. In the civil law we find provision made for such as were cast out, and exposed to the wide world, some hospitals to entertain them, some liberties to comfort and compensate their trouble. And a like care we find in Christ : the Jews had no sooner cast out the man that was born blind, whose parents durst not be seen in his cause for fear of the like usage, the mercy of Christ presently found him and bestowed comfort upon him, John ix. 35. This is the true