Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

ON IIOSEA XIV.- VERSES 5 -7 185 be believed, which is therefore severally inculcated and represented : partly because of the dejectedness of the people under the variety of their former sufferings, who are therefore by variety of mercies to be raised up and revived ; and partly to represent the perfection and completeness of the blessings intended, which should be of all sorts, and to all purposes ; and the foundation of all the rest is this, that God promiseth to be as the dew unto Israel : for Ephraim having been cursed with much drought and barrenness ; now when God blesseth him again, he promiseth to be unto him as dew is to the weary and thirsty ground, which so refresheth it, that the fruits thereof do grow and flourish again. Lilies, flowers, trees, vines, corn are very apt, (especially in such hot countries as Judea,) without much refreshing dew and showers from heaven, to dry up and wither away : so would Ephraim have been quite consumed by the heavy wrath of God, if he should not with the supplies of his grace and Holy Spirit, and with his heavenly refresh- ments and loving countenance revive them again. Dew, in the natural signification of it, importeth a comforting, refreshing, encouragiíig, and calling forth the fruits of the earth, as being of a gentle, insinuat- ing virtue, which leisurely soaketh into the ground ; and in that sense is mentioned as a blessing, Gen. xxvii. 28. In the mystical and spiritual sense of it, it signifieth Christ, Psa. lxxii. 6. who by his holy word and heavenly grace dropping down with distil- ling upon the souls of men, Deut. xxxii. 2. Job xxix. 22, 23. by his princely favour and loving countenance, which is as a cloud of the latter rain, Prov. xvi. 15. xix. 12. by his heavenly righteousness and most spiritual efficacy, Isa. xxvi. 19. xlv. S. doth so quicken, vegetate, and revive the hearts of men, that they, like Q3