Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

30 FIRST SERMON mingle with sin, or to . be a protection to it : he cannot endure mingling of the holy seed with the profane : swearing by God, and swearing by Malcham : Samaritan services, to be for the Lord in one thing, and for the world and flesh in another; one step straight, and another crooked ; one speech Ashdod, and another Canaan to let our conversation be yea and nay, a mongrel service ; in this I will do as you bid me, but in that I will not ; like the Jews that would buy Christ's blood with money, but would not take the money into the treasury ; they were fearful to defile their chests, but not to defile their consciences. This Christ cannot away with. It is dangerous to say with the pharisee, This I am not, and that I am not ; or with the young man, This and that I have done, and in the mean time to have one thing lacking, to llave one door locked up still to keep Christ and salvation from us : whosoever keeps a covetous heart for the world, or a sensual heart for the flesh, or a proud heart for the devil, is unworthy of heaven by his own election, and would not go in thither if the door were wide open : he would not find there any fuel for these his lusts, not any Nabal, or Cozbi, or Diotrephes to converse withal. And surely, he that doth any one wickedness with allowance, in God's construction, is habitually guilty of all, James ii. 10. Luke xvi. 10. Ezek. xviii. 10. 13. Therefore, in this case, as Samuel said to Jesse, Are here all thy children? If any be left, we will not sit down till he come. So we must conceive in our con- fessions and renunciations of sin, that Christ asketh us, Are here all ? if any be reserved, I will not take possession till that be cast out : there must not an hoof be left in Egypt, if God is to be served. God's law, as well as man's, disallows inmates in the same