Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

ON HOSEA XIV.-VERSE 1, 2. 37 sometimes he promiseth to take it away from us. In the one, showing us what is our duty, and in the other, where is our help. And as this latter consideration calls upon our faith to pray ; so the former upon our obedience to work. I shall therefore (right honour- able) humbly offer a double exhortation unto all of you. First. That every one of you would seriously endea- vour to take away all iniquity from his own person. And unto this there lieth upon you a double obliga- tion ; one with relation to the safety of your own souls, for whatever other honour, wealth, wisdom, learning, interest, a man bath besides, if sin have the predominancy, they are but Satan's magazine, and that man his servant, to employ them against God that gave them : and the more mercies any man hath been trusted withal, the heavier judgment will be poured out upon the breach of that trust. Better be a wooden vessel to hold wine, than a silver vessel to hold filth ; better be a beggar with the treasure of God's grace, than a prince with the load of a man's own sins. But there is a further tie upon you, with relation unto the success of that honourable employment whereunto you are called. God will be sanctified in all those that draw near unto him, as well in civil as in sacred administrations. It is very hard for a person in whom sin rules, to be constantly faithful to any public and honourable service ; for " grace only esta- blisheth the heart," Heb. xiii. 9. Ahithophel, a man of great wisdom, falls from David : Joab, a man of great valour, falls from Solomon. And admit lie be faithful, yet the sin of his heart sends out a prohibition to the wisdom of his head, and the labour of his hand : he * This sermon was preached before the House of Commons. D