Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

SERMON III. 8O WILL WE RENDER THE CALVES OF OUR LIPS. ASSHUR SHALT. NOT SAVE US; WE WILL NOT RIDE UPON HORSES : NEITHER WILL WE SAY ANY MORE TO THE WORKS OF OUR HANDS, YE ARE OUR GODS, &C. -HOSEA XIV. 2, 3. HAVING handled the general doctrine of our entering into covenant with God, I shall now proceed unto the particulars which they here engage themselves unto, whereof the first is a solemn thanksgiving ; " We will render the calves of our lips." All the sacrifices of the Jews were of two sorts. Some were ilastical, propitiatory, or expiatory, for pardon of sin, or impe- tration of favour : others were eucharistical sacrifices of praise (as the peace - offerings, Lev. vii. 12.) for mercies obtained, Psal. cvii. 22. With relation unto these, the church here, having prayed for forgiveness of sin, and for the obtaining of blessings, doth here- upon, for the farther enforcement of those petitions, promise to offer the peace offerings of praise, not in the naked and empty ceremony, but with the spiritual life and substance, namely, the calves of their lips, which are moved by the inward principles of hearty sincerity and thanksgiving. From hence we learn, that sound conversion and repentance enlargeth the heart in thankfulness towards God, and disposeth it to offer up the sacrifice of praise. And this duty here promised, cometh iri