Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

8. T he Vexation of the Spirit. of peace and beauty , and what ever comes from thee muff needs originally have peace and beauty in it. The Earth was a Paradife when thou didfl firfl bellow it up- onime, but my finne hath turned it into a Defert and curs'd all the increafe thereof with Thornes. The honour which thou gavell me was a glorious attribute, a fparklc of thine owns fire , a beame of thine owne light, an im- preffe of thine owne Image, a character of thine owne power; but my finne bath put a Thorne into mine ho- nour; my grecdineffe when i looke upward to get higher,, and my giddineffe when I Tooke downeward for feare of falling , never leaves my heart without anguifh and vexation. The pleafure which thou alIowefl me to en- joy is full of fweet rcfrefhment, but my finne hath put a Thorne into this likewife ; my exceffe and fenfualitie hath fo choaked thy Word, fo flified all feeds of noble - neffe in my minde , ío like a Canker overgrowne all my ?pretious time, flolne away all opportunities of grace, melted and yvafled all nay f}rength,ihat now my refrefh cents are become my difeafes. The Riches, which thou gavefl me , as they corne from thee, are foveraigneblef fangs , wherewith I might abundantly have glorified thy Name end ferved thy Church , and fupplyed thy Saints, and made the eyes that law mee to bleffe mee , and the cares that hard mee to bore witneffe to mee, wherewith I might have covered the naked backe, and cured the bleeding wounds, and filled the hungry bowels , and fa- tisficd the fainting delires of mine owne Saviour in his dillref ed members : but my finne bath put in fo many. Thornes of pride, hardnefle of heart, uncompatlìonatc- neffe , endleffe cares, fecuritie and refolutions of finne, and the like, as are ready to pierce nice thorow with ma- ny forrowcs. The Calling wherein thou haft placed mee is honcfl and profitable to men , wherein I might fpend my time in glorifying thy Name, in obedience to thy will , in attendance on thy bleflìngs; but my finne hath brought