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The Vexation of the Spirit. finde nothing but trouble and vexation; but even to thofe lower ends which the Creatures arc proper and futeable unto. For unto us properly belongs the Indrss1ry, but into god the Care unto us the labour and ufc of nneanes, but unto God the bleflîng and fucceffe of all. Though Paul plant and Apollo water , it is God onely that can give the increafe ; he moil be truf}ed with the e- vents of all our induflry. Teter never began to finke till he began to doubt ; that was the fruit of his carking and unbeliefe. Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit to his [lature, faith Chri( }; our cares can never bring to paffe our fmalleff def res ; becaufc I fay the care of e- vents was ever Gods prerogative and belonged wholly to his providence. Vpon him we muff call our care , up- on him we muff unlode our burdens, and he will fiiflaine us. Wee are all of one family , ofthe houfhold.of God and of faith; now wee know children arc not to lay up for parents,but parents for children. If we fhould fee a childe carke and toyle for his living, wee should prefently con- clude that lice was left to the wide worlç , ;ppd had no fa- ther to provide for him ; and that is e ,tg$aviours argu- ment, take no thought , for your heaven!), ,Father knoweth you have need of thofe things. Let us therefore learne to call our felves upon God. Firß, In faith, depending upon the truth of his promífes , Hee hath Paid I will not faile thee nor forf4e thee; and upon the All fuficiencyof his Power; Our God whim wee ferve is able to deliver us. This was that which comforted David in that bitter cliff reflc, when Ziglag was burnt by the Amalekites, his Wives ta- ken captive and hirnfelfe ready to bce ílonedby thepeo- ple, Heeincouraged himfelfein the Lord his God. This was that which delivered eAf from the huge holle of the Lubims and Ethiopians, becaufe hcerelied on God ; and all which afterward hoe got by his diffidence and carnali projca-s , was to purchafc to hintfclfe perpetual' warres. That which grieved the Lord with his people in the lVilder- t Car.3,6. Macth.r4.z?, Luk zf, r Pet.s.7. Pfa1 15._z. Gal.6. io. Matt.6.3 z. I-Lb.r3.S. lan.3.IT. t Sair.3o.6. Chro.r4.r r, 12. L L l:rJ,í6,9. Numb. r4 it.