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Iam, t. t4. Catiras cos i76p- te'arton non in iicceb;is, fed ;n cardibtt,s babe_ MPS, & vltiofi- t.14 naflra trnns noftra eff. Sal. de Grbe,..1.E, Gen. 3. S. b Exod. 7.v.. c r King.r3.18. art Chro ,.i8. r, e lPr.y 4. I Att S Att.t 7.19. The Vexation of the Spirit. likely to feduee them ; As the Gredins got in upon the -Trojans with a gift , fomething which they prefumed would-find acceptance. The Divell dealeth as men in a liege calls his proje &s, and applys his batteries to the weakef} and moll obnoxious place. Therefore the Apo- file faith, that a man is tempted , when he is led away of his owne Inft and enticed ; the Divell will be fore to hold intelligence` with a mans owne lufls, to advife and fit in counccll with: his laWne heart, to follow the tyde and ilreames of a 'Mans ovine affeaions in the tempting of hi!m c4dam tempted in knowledge, Pharaoh by lying h wonders , the Prophet by the pretence of an Angels fpe(ech , e4hsb by the confent ofd fate Prophets, the ilewes by the e Temple of the Lord and carnall priviled- ges, the heathen by pretence of t tiniverfality+, and g an- tiquity. When Davidsheart after his adultery was fet up- on his own glory more than upon Gods, how to fave his PO IN' n name from reproach, wee fee as long as that affe&i- 'on prevailed againfl him, as long as his heart was not fo throughly humbled as to take the frame of his finie to himfelfe, to beam the indignation of the Lord, and ac- cept of the reproach for his iniquitie, he was overcome with many defperate temptations ; he yeclds to be him - felfe a tempter of his neighbour to unfeafonable plea - fures , to drunkcnneffe and frame, to be a murthcrer of his faithfull fervant , to multiply the guilt , that he may fhift off the flame of his finne, and provide for his owne credit. Peters heart was 1 t upon his owne life and fafe- ty more than the truth of Chrift or his owne proteftati- ons;and Sathan fitting his affaulr to this weakneffe, pre- vailes againf+ a Rock with the breath of a woman. They that will bee rich, iith the Apoff le,who fet their hearts up- on their riches, whofe hearts runne after their covetoui- tiefi e , fall into temptation and a finare, Into many foolifh and hurtfnll lulls. Such a heart is fit for any temptation. Tempt .fichans covetous heart to facriledgc , and hce will teach